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Nevermore I: Ravenswood Branch

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Nevermore I: Ravenswood Branch is a Legendary Weapons collection achievement to gain the precursor weapon, The Raven Staff, for the legendary staff, Nevermore. This collection is the first step to obtain the first tier of the precursor, Ravenswood Branch.


Nevermore I: Ravenswood Branch Legendary Weapons 3Achievement points
The bounty of Tyria's nature is immense but not without limit, and as such must be cultivated, encouraged, and most of all protected.
Get in touch with nature of Tyria in your quest to create the Ravenswood Branch, the first of the precursors to the legendary staff, Nevermore.
Prerequisite: Revered Antiquarian
Unlock Item:Nevermore Vol. 1.png Nevermore Vol. 1
Reward:Chest of Natural Protection.png Chest of Natural Protection
Collected 14 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Dierdre's Garden.png Dierdre's Garden Unite the four cantles of the elements and use them to unlock the Sylvan Chest within Dierdre's Steps in Mount Maelstrom.
Protector of the Swamplands.png Protector of the Swamplands Found within the Swamplands Fractal chest.
Terebinth Protector.png Terebinth Protector Offered for purchase by the Heart of the Terebinth after successfully recovering the Revered Terebinth from the Nightmare Court.
Natural Protector.png Natural Protector Stop Mordrem from spreading corrupted tendrils in the Iron Marches.
Thaumanova Containment.png Thaumanova Containment Found within the Thaumanova Reactor chest after defeating the Fire Elemental in Metrica Province.
Protector of the Fen.png Protector of the Fen Found within the Dragon Chest after defeating Tequatl the Sunless.
Protector of the Weald.png Protector of the Weald Defeat the Corrupted Veteran Oakheart in the Greatheart Weald of Queensdale.
Garden Protector.png Garden Protector Purchased from Arias after assisting him in maintaining his garden.
Oasis Protector.png Oasis Protector Offered for purchase by Cesseilia after helping her defend and research the oasis in the Whisperwill Bogs of Bloodtide Coast.
Swamp Protector.png Swamp Protector Found in the chest after killing the Jungle Wurm terrorizing the Wychmire Swamp in Caledon Forest.
Protector of the Great Tree.png Protector of the Great Tree Successfully drive the Mordrem from The Great Tree in Tangled Depths.
Protector of the Exalted.png Protector of the Exalted Defeat the Vinetooth Prime in Auric Basin.
Protector of Verdance.png Protector of Verdance Destroy the blighting tree in the Corpse Grove of Verdant Brink.
Protector of All.png Protector of All Destroy one of the blighting towers in Dragon's Stand to take the fight to Mordremoth.

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