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Garden of Seborhin

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Garden of Seborhin

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Garden of Seborhin map.jpg
Map of Garden of Seborhin

Garden of Seborhin locator.svg
Location within Domain of Vabbi

Garden of Seborhin.jpg
Garden of Seborhin

The Garden of Seborhin is a large garden, occupied by Elonian nobles, inside the Domain of Vabbi. The eastern wing of the garden has been abandoned due to the encroachment of the Brand.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Assist the Lyssan Fools acting troupe (80)
Complete heart (map icon).png Be the life of the party (80)
Waypoint (tango icon).png Seborhin Waypoint — loading…
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Lyssan Fools Theater loading…
Point of interest.png Merchant's Row loading…
Point of interest.png Seborhin Circle loading…
Point of interest.png Spa loading…
Point of interest.png The Menagerie loading…
Point of interest.png The Promenade loading…
Vista.png Garden of Seborhin Vista — loading…
From the floating island above the Seborhin Circle point of interest, use a jackal to enter the Sand Portal. From there, use the springer to leap into the statue of Joko's palm for the vista.
Adventure (map icon).png Garden Wine and Cheese Run





Merchant (vendor icon).png Sumbula
Bounty Board (map icon).png Disguised Order of Shadows Agent
Renown Heart (map icon).png Amusement Adjunct Cagri
Renown Heart (map icon).png Director Abioye Bayu


Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Elonian Royal: Joko demands we find love. So romantic.
Elonian Royal: Something about impending doom really puts me in the mood.
Elonian Royal: My mother insists I find a husband before I leave. I just want to have a good time.
Elonian Royal: It's no wonder the elders conduct their final rites here.
Elonian Royal: Such fun. You'd never know there was a war at all from in here.
Elonian Royal: My father was right about this place. It's to die for.
Noble: Is it just me, or have the djinn become more rude lately?
Noble: This will be the party to end all parties. Literally.
Noble: I went on a safari recently–slayed a great many beasts.
Noble (1): Did you send me flowers the other day?
Noble (2): Perhaps. If you like them then yes.
Noble (1): Why are there so many stairs here?
Noble (2): You could use the exercise, after all you've eaten.
Noble (1): Lifting Vabbian red is plenty taxing, thank you very much
Noble (1): What do you know of the rituals the elders perform here?
Noble (2): A bit - I came here with my grandfather as a boy. First they take time to enjoy all the pleasures the garden has to offer.
Noble (2): They then cleanse themselves in the baths. Finally, when they're ready, they take the knife, surrounded by loved ones.
Noble (1): Care to go for a swim, my dear?
Noble (2): Ooh. I didn't bring my bathing dress.
Noble (1): I'm well aware.
Noble (1): Would you care to tour the upper levels with me?
Noble (2): I'm not sure, What's there to see?
Noble (1): Well, there's me. And plenty of privacy.
Noble: Shall we go on a safari later?
Elonian Royal: Ooh, yes, sounds exciting! I hope we see some of the Forged.
Merchant (1): Want to catch a show later?
Merchant (2): I'd love to. It's a date!
Merchant: I heard there’s some explorer hoping to find a hidden djinn treasure.
Servant: Can I interest you in more wine?
Servant: Another glass of Vabbian red?
Elonian Royal: Hello again, sir. Looking fashionable, as always.
Noble: You again. What do you want now?
Elonian Royal: It speaks! I just want to walk with you, maybe chat a little bit.
Noble: Conversation hasn't always been...uh, a thing I'm good at.
Elonian Royal: Tell me more...
Merchant: Wow, that was...You didn't have to do that. You barely know me.
Noble: True, but I want to know you. And now you owe me. So, start walking and talking sir!
Merchant: Yes, my lady!
Noble (1): Should the djinn here obey our commands?
Noble (2): I think they only accept instructions from the princes.
Noble (1): Pity, I think they missed a spot when they last cleaned the floors.
Near the Bounty Board
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Wicked, ley-enhanced creatures are roaming the desert. What are you going to do about it?
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Have you checked the bounty boards lately? Because the contract of Grath Clashcrag will go fast.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Lady Kahraman's sanity is gone. Tragic. And dangerous.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Bounty posted for a Forged wolfhound! Brave souls should take a look at the contract board.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Yasia Glacierfalls has gone from trickster to killer. Prove yourself. Take the djinn down.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Safiri the Carver was once Safiri the Wanderer, before the Brand got him. Protect us from his madness.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Legendary djinn Rubedon, Trembling Earth, has shown his terrible face. He's alarmingly close by.
Noble (1): Hey, you should come with me to the theater later.
Noble (2): I already have plans with Sura.
Noble (1): Aw, how am I going to charm the eligible ladies without you?
At The Menagerie
Ferocious "Bear": I'm not really a bear! (groan)


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