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Grotto of the Defeated

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Grotto of the Defeated

Point of Interest
Champion's Dawn
(Domain of Istan)
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Grotto of the Defeated is a point of interest in Champion's Dawn, home to the Awakened Koss Dejarin.

There are multiple Mordant Crescent Notices pinned to the walls as you enter the Grotto, reproduced below in order of appearance.

Mordant Crescent Notice 1

Under penalty of re-death, no one is to bring this egotistical, jaw-flapping, showboating blowhard back to the Great Hall. Leave him here to rot in this cave, or you answer to the archon.
Talk end option tango.png Well, this sounds like a charming fellow.

Mordant Crescent Notice 2

Our patrol went through a lot of trouble to get him to stay here to "guard the cave." Don't ruin this for us!
Talk end option tango.png Do I dare continue?

Mordant Crescent Notice 3

Seriously. Why are you walking even farther into this cave? TURN BACK NOW!
Talk end option tango.png Well, now I just have to see this.