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Library Detective

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Library Detective is an achievement to collect specific overdue books. The books only appear in the open world after collecting Koss on Koss inside the story instance.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Library Detective Daybreak 8Achievement points
Collect overdue library books—through whatever means necessary.
Reward: 100  Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic

Koss on Koss (Extended Edition) — Checked out by Koss Dejarin of Kourna. Location unknown.
Everyone's a Corsair: A Guidebook — Checked out by Captain Barud. Last seen in the Corsair Flotilla.
The Battle of Sorrow's Furnace — Checked out by Farir. Last seen in Champion's Dawn.
The Great Joko, Hero of Tyria — Checked out by Brother Asiim. Last seen in the Temple of Joko in Palawadan.
Awakening of the Heart — Checked out by Captain Sutekh. Last seen in the Great Hall.
101 Things the Mordant Crescent Doesn't Want You to Know! — Checked out by 5-Finger Fareem. Last seen being arrested for subversion.
Mysteries of the Night Sky — Checked out by Junior Astrologist Hamia. Last seen in the Plains of Jarin.
Found 1 Overdue Library Book 1Achievement points
Found 3 Overdue Library Books 2Achievement points
Found 7 Overdue Library Books 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Map Acquisition
Koss on Koss (Extended Edition).png Koss on Koss (Extended Edition) Library Detective 1.jpg Interact with the Moldy Old Book in the Cave of the Sunspear Champion instance during Champion's Dawn story mission.
Everyone's a Corsair- A Guidebook.png Everyone's a Corsair: A Guidebook Library Detective 2.jpg Interact with the Soggy Book in the Corsair Flotilla, underwater just north of The Skimming Stone point of interest (the southeast boat).
The Battle of Sorrow's Furnace.png The Battle of Sorrow's Furnace Library Detective 3.jpg Interact with the Ancient Book on the SE peninsula of Champion's Dawn. The book is in the second from the west stone mausoleum on the southern side of the cemetery.
The Great Joko, Hero of Tyria.png The Great Joko, Hero of Tyria Library Detective 4.jpg Interact with the Dusty Book in the NW corner of the level just beneath the top floor of the Temple of Joko.
Awakening of the Heart.png Awakening of the Heart Library Detective 5.jpg Interact with the Well-Worn Book in the NW corner of the Warden's Quarters, inside the Mordant Crescent Great Hall.
101 Things the Mordant Crescent Doesn't Want You to Know!.png 101 Things the Mordant Crescent Doesn't Want You to Know! Library Detective 6.jpg Interact with the Tattered Book next to a corpse in one of the cells passed by the player character right after escaping during The Hero of Istan story mission. You can re-enter the jail area at the end of the mission.
Mysteries of the Night Sky.png Mysteries of the Night Sky Library Detective 7.jpg Interact with the Singed Book in the largest tar pit south of the Lahdok Craterlands PoI. May be surrounded by elite and veteran tar elementals.