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Magister's Pack (achievement)

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Magister's Pack is a Basic Collections achievement.


Magister's Pack Basic Collections 5Achievement points
Collect all 10 items to create your Magister's Pack.
Prerequisite: Scholar's Pack
Reward:Magister's Pack.png Magister's Pack
Collected 1 item. 1Achievement points
Collected 5 items. 1Achievement points
Collected 10 items. 3Achievement points

Collection Items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Scholar's Pack.png Scholar's Pack Complete the Scholar's Pack collection.
Sun, Moon, and Stars.png Priory's History Complete the Priory's History collection.
Pact Ration.png Priory Rations Exchange pact rations at Priory weapon and armor merchants at the Durmand Priory.
Sun, Moon, and Stars.png Sun, Moon, and Stars Complete the Heart of Thorns Act III Mastery achievement.
Backpack Straps.png Airship Cargo Strap Successfully complete the Verdant Brink map meta-event cycle.
Guide to Waterproofing.png Exalted Guide to Rust Prevention Purchased from Exalted vendors for
1,000 Lump of Aurillium.png
+ 1 Gold coin.
Auric Order Buckle.png Auric Priory Buckle Defeat the tarnished traitor. (Requires Exalted Purification).
Itzel Lesson.png Itzel Language Lesson Defeat Champion Mayatl the Fierce. (Requires Itzel Leadership).
Nuhoch Lesson.png Nuhoch Language Lesson Defeat Champion Potoni the Massive. (Requires Nuhoch Proving).
Recovered Priory Seal.png Recovered Priory Seal Defeat Mordremoth in Dragon's Stand.

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