Gastronome Plikk

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Gastronome Plikk


Interactive map (Depths)

Gastronome Plikk is a merchant found near the Auxiliary Study Rooms.


Maguuma Jungle

Items offered[edit]

Fine Wine
Item Type Rarity Cost
Jar of Vinegar.png Bottle of Vintage Wine Alcohol Basic 64 Copper coin
Purple Commander's Compendium.png Vintner's Guide Consumable Fine 1 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Gastronomic Delights
Item Type Rarity Cost
Petri Dish Delight.png Petri Dish Delight Food Basic 48 Copper coin
Prismatic Soylent.png Prismatic Soylent Food Basic 64 Copper coin
Prototype Nutriment.png Prototype Nutriment Food Basic 40 Copper coin
Gourmet Training
Item Cost
Plikk's Immersion Circulation System.png Plikk's Immersion Circulation System 5 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Plikk's Fluid Gas Infuser.png Plikk's Fluid Gas Infuser 5 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
Plikk's Food Form Manipulator.png Plikk's Food Form Manipulator 5 Gold coin 0 Silver coin 0 Copper coin


My drinks aren't for just anyone. Only those who have the refined palate of a connoisseur can appreciate my potables' intricate flavors.
Talk Merchant.png My palate's ready—bring on the drinks!
Talk end option tango.png Then you've lost my business.


Related achievements[edit]