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Brewmaster is a Basic Collections achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Brewmaster Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Consume various ales from around Tyria.
Unlock Item: Adept's Training Manual.pngObservational Zymology Manual
Reward: Metabolic Primer.pngMetabolic Primer

Consumed 1 Ale 1Achievement points
Consumed 9 Ales 1Achievement points
Consumed 18 Ales 1Achievement points

Unlock item[edit]

Item Level Vendor Area Zone Cost
Adept's Training Manual.png Observational Zymology Manual Bartender (norn) Bartender Western Ward Lion's Arch 50 Silver coin

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Related item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell) Vendor price
Total 238 Karma + Silver coin 44 Copper coin