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Bladed armor

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Bladed armor
Bladed armor (light) human female front.jpg Bladed armor (medium) human female front.jpg Bladed armor (heavy) human female front.jpg
Light Medium Heavy

Bladed armor refers to a group of armor sets that can be acquired in the Heart of Thorns expansion.


Individual parts can be acquired from various boxes.


Piece Light Medium Heavy
Head Bladed Cowl.png Bladed Cowl Bladed Mask.png Bladed Mask Bladed Helmet.png Bladed Helmet
Shoulders Bladed Mantle.png Bladed Mantle Bladed Shoulderpads.png Bladed Shoulderpads Bladed Pauldrons.png Bladed Pauldrons
Chest Bladed Vestments.png Bladed Vestments Bladed Jerkin.png Bladed Jerkin Bladed Breastplate.png Bladed Breastplate
Hands Bladed Gloves.png Bladed Gloves Bladed Vambraces.png Bladed Vambraces Bladed Gauntlets.png Bladed Gauntlets
Legs Bladed Pants.png Bladed Pants Bladed Leggings.png Bladed Leggings Bladed Tassets.png Bladed Tassets
Feet Bladed Shoes.png Bladed Shoes Bladed Boots.png Bladed Boots Bladed Greaves.png Bladed Greaves

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