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Crate of the First Spear

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Chest of Exotic Equipment.png

Crate of the First Spear

Item type
Account Bound
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Open to choose a unique exotic-quality piece of Sunspear armor.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items. Dress Rehearsal Basic Collections 4Achievement points
Recover all Elonian armor pieces through completing the Personal Story.The rich fabrics and detailed patterns found throughout the Crystal Desert speak to the mix of cultures and nations that have called this land their home.
Reward:Chest of Exotic Equipment.png Crate of the First Spear

Recovered 1 piece of Elonian armor. 1Achievement points
Recovered 9 pieces of Elonian armor. 1Achievement points
Recovered 12 pieces of Elonian armor. 1Achievement points
Recovered 18 pieces of Elonian armor. 1Achievement points



Item TP buy price TP sell price
Haimi's Riding Boots.png Haimi's Riding Boots
Haimi's Jousting Halter.png Haimi's Jousting Halter
Haimi's Raptor-Handling Gloves.png Haimi's Raptor-Handling Gloves
Haimi's Dusty Crown.png Haimi's Dusty Crown
Spearmarshal's Tassets.png Haimi's Cavalier Harness
Haimi's Cataphract Guard.png Haimi's Cataphract Guard
Salomon's Riding Boots.png Salomon's Riding Boots
Salomon's Jousting Halter.png Salomon's Jousting Halter
Salomon's Raptor-Handling Gloves.png Salomon's Raptor-Handling Gloves
Salomon's Dusty Crown.png Salomon's Dusty Crown
Salomon's Cavalier Harness.png Salomon's Cavalier Harness
Spearmarshal's Mantle.png Salomon's Cataphract Guard
Sagal's Riding Boots.png Sagal's Riding Boots
Sagal's Jousting Halter.png Sagal's Jousting Halter
Sagal's Raptor-Handling Gloves.png Sagal's Raptor-Handling Gloves
Sagal's Dusty Crown.png Sagal's Dusty Crown
Sagal's Cavalier Harness.png Sagal's Cavalier Harness
Sagal's Cataphract Guard.png Sagal's Cataphract Guard