Uncanny Canner

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Uncanny Canner is a Basic Collections achievement that requires players to collect a variety of jar-themed items that can be purchased from vendors around Tyria.


This achievement rewards items. Uncanny Canner Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Collect all 11 jarred trinkets from vendors around Tyria.
Reward:Uncanny Jar.png Uncanny Jar

Collected 1 Jarred Trinket 1Achievement points
Collected 5 Jarred Trinkets 1Achievement points
Collected 11 Jarred Trinkets 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Rarity Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell) Vendor price
Total 24 Copper coin + 3,556 Karma.png


  • If an NPC sells both a fine and masterwork quality version of the same named item, you will need to purchase both to unlock them separately in your collection.
  • You do not need to get both Packmaster Danador and PR&T Senior Researcher Takka's jars. Only one is needed.
  • You must 'use' the Jar of Bees, the Twister in a Jar, and the Jar of Lost Souls for them to count for the achievement.
  • Jar of Bees is purchasable after Fiona Hastings event has been completed.