Grawl Archaeological Study

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Grawl Archaeological Study is a Basic Collections achievement that requires unlocking all of the godskull weapon skins. The collection itself is unlocked by consuming a Grawl Paw.


This achievement rewards items. Grawl Archaeological Study Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Unlock all of the grawl weapons in your wardrobe, and collect a Grawl Paw to learn more about their day-to-day lives.You never know what you can learn from someone that's been around longer than you have.
Unlock Item: Grawl Paw.pngGrawl Paw
Reward: Beaded Pouch.pngGrawl Supply Sack

Unlocked Grawl Paw 1Achievement points
Unlocked 10 Grawl Items 1Achievement points
Unlocked 20 Grawl Items 1Achievement points

Unlock item[edit]

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Related item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)