Grawl Archaeological Study

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Grawl Archaeological Study is a Basic Collections achievement that requires unlocking all of the godskull weapon skins. The collection itself is unlocked by consuming a Grawl Paw.


Grawl Archaeological Study Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Unlock all of the grawl weapons in your wardrobe, and collect a Grawl Paw to learn more about their day-to-day lives.You never know what you can learn from someone that's been around longer than you have.
Unlock Item:Grawl Paw.png Grawl Paw
Reward:Beaded Pouch.png Grawl Supply Sack
Unlocked Grawl Paw 1Achievement points
Unlocked 10 Grawl Items 1Achievement points
Unlocked 20 Grawl Items 1Achievement points

Unlock item[edit]

Skins in this collection[edit]

Item TP Buy Price TP Sell Price
Godskull Sickle.png Godskull Sickle
Godskull Kris.png Godskull Kris
Godskull Slayer.png Godskull Slayer
Godskull Crusher.png Godskull Crusher
Godskull Warclub.png Godskull Warclub
Godskull Targe.png Godskull Targe
Godskull Impaler.png Godskull Impaler
Godskull Edge.png Godskull Edge
Item TP Buy Price TP Sell Price
Godskull Harpoon Gun.png Godskull Harpoon Gun
Godskull Longbow.png Godskull Longbow
Godskull Flintlock.png Godskull Flintlock
Godskull Musket.png Godskull Musket
Godskull Short Bow.png Godskull Short Bow
Godskull Brazier.png Godskull Brazier
Godskull Trumpet.png Godskull Trumpet
Item TP Buy Price TP Sell Price
Godskull Effigy.png Godskull Effigy
Godskull Cesta.png Godskull Cesta
Godskull Crosier.png Godskull Crosier
Godskull Trihorn.png Godskull Trihorn