Machined Pistol (achievement)

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Machined Pistol is a Basic Collections achievement.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Machined Pistol Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Collect all 6 items to forge your Machined Pistol
Unlock Item:Plated Pistol.png Plated Pistol
Reward:Machined Pistol.png Machined Pistol
1 Item Collected 1Achievement points
3 Items Collected 1Achievement points
6 Items Collected 1Achievement points

Unlock item[edit]

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Plated Pistol.png Plated Pistol Purchased from Whispers Keeper (Dragon's Stand) after completing the Dragon's Stand meta event
Airship-Grade Gear.png Airship-Grade Pistol Gear Sold by Itzel Mastery Vendors for 250  Airship Part.png Airship Parts and 8 Silver coin
Auric Shielding.png Auric Pistol Shielding Sold by Exalted Mastery Vendors for 250  Lump of Aurillium.png Lumps of Aurillium and 8 Silver coin
Ley-Line Core.png Ley-Line Pistol Core Sold by Nuhoch Mastery Vendors for 250  Ley Line Crystal.png Ley Line Crystals and 8 Silver coin
Charged Pistol Barrel.png Charged Pistol Barrel Charge an Oiled Orichalcum Pistol Barrel at any place of power in the Heart of Maguuma
Machined Pistol Frame.png Machined Pistol Frame Found in Noxious Pods in Dragon's Stand