Dress Rehearsal

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Dress Rehearsal is a Basic Collections achievement released with Path of Fire. It requires unlocking all pieces and weights of Elonian armor. This is easily accomplished by completing the Path of Fire storyline. Unlocking 1 weight through its respective container will unlock the other 2 weight classes.


Dress Rehearsal Basic Collections 4Achievement points
Recover all Elonian armor pieces through completing the Personal Story.The rich fabrics and detailed patterns found throughout the Crystal Desert speak to the mix of cultures and nations that have called this land their home.
Reward:Chest of Exotic Equipment.png Crate of the First Spear
Recovered 1 pieces of Elonian armor 1Achievement points
Recovered 9 pieces of Elonian armor 1Achievement points
Recovered 12 pieces of Elonian armor 1Achievement points
Recovered 18 pieces of Elonian armor 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

It doesn't matter which armor piece you select from the box. All armor weights will be unlocked.

Light Medium Heavy Acquisition
Elonian Cowl.png Marshal's Elonian Cowl Elonian Mask.png Marshal's Elonian Mask Elonian Helmet.png Marshal's Elonian Helmet Elonian Helm Box.png Elonian Helm Box
Elonian Mantle.png Marshal's Elonian Mantle Elonian Shoulderpads.png Marshal's Elonian Shoulderpads Elonian Pauldrons.png Marshal's Elonian Pauldrons Elonian Shoulder Box.png Elonian Shoulder Box
Elonian Vestments.png Marshal's Elonian Vestments Elonian Jerkin.png Marshal's Elonian Jerkin Elonian Breastplate.png Marshal's Elonian Breastplate Elonian Coat Box.png Elonian Coat Box
Elonian Gloves.png Marshal's Elonian Gloves Elonian Vambraces.png Marshal's Elonian Vambraces Elonian Gauntlets.png Marshal's Elonian Gauntlets Elonian Glove Box.png Elonian Glove Box
Elonian Pants.png Marshal's Elonian Pants Elonian Leggings.png Marshal's Elonian Leggings Elonian Tassets.png Marshal's Elonian Tassets Elonian Leg Box.png Elonian Leg Box
Elonian Shoes.png Marshal's Elonian Shoes Elonian Boots.png Marshal's Elonian Boots Elonian Greaves.png Marshal's Elonian Greaves Elonian Boot Box.png Elonian Boot Box