Crucible of Eternity Collector

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Crucible of Eternity Collector is a Basic Collections achievement. The items in this collection can all be purchased from Peacemaker Skrimm in Lion's Arch with Knowledge Crystals earned in the Crucible of Eternity dungeon. You can also obtain the items in this collection by completing the Crucible of Eternity Dungeon Track in Structured PvP and/or WvW.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Crucible of Eternity Collector Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Use Knowledge Crystals from Crucible of Eternity to unlock all 37 weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
Reward:Legendary Kudu's Monster Loot Box.png Magnificent Inquest Chest

Inquest Greaves
Inquest Breastplate
Inquest Gauntlets
Inquest Helm
Inquest Legguards
Inquest Pauldrons
Inquest Shoes
Inquest Vest
Inquest Wraps
Inquest Circlets
Inquest Breeches
Inquest Mantle
Inquest Boots
Inquest Guise
Inquest Bracers
Inquest Hood
Inquest Leggings
Inquest Shoulders
Inquest Axe
Inquest Longbow
Inquest Short Bow
Inquest Dagger
Inquest Focus
Inquest Greatsword
Inquest Hammer
Inquest Harpoon
Inquest Mace
Inquest Pistol
Inquest Rifle
Inquest Scepter
Inquest Shield
Inquest Speargun
Inquest Staff
Inquest Sword
Inquest Torch
Inquest Trident
Inquest Warhorn
Unlocked 1 Weapon or Armor Skin 1Achievement points
Unlocked 18 Weapon and Armor Skins 1Achievement points
Unlocked 37 Weapon and Armor Skins 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]


  • The total cost of this collection is 10,290 Knowledge Crystals: 6150 for weapons and 4140 for armor.
    • Assuming each of the three paths in Crucible of Eternity is completed once per day, this would take 35 days (or 103 daily bonus rewards) to complete. (Does not account for drops from Bag of Wondrous Goods).
  • Acquiring all items via Structured PvP requires 8 full completions of the Crucible of Eternity Dungeon Track.
    • This would result in 8 armor pieces, 24 weapons, and 1,920 Knowledge Crystals with which the 10 cheapest armor pieces can be purchased.
    • Assuming two tiers of the track are completed each day, this would take 32 days to complete.