Magnificent Nobleman's Chest

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Legendary Captain Delana Loot Box.png

Magnificent Nobleman's Chest

Item type
Account Bound
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— In-game description



This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Caudecus's Manor Collector Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Use Seals of Beetletun from Caudecus's Manor to unlock all 37 weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
Reward:Legendary Captain Delana Loot Box.png Magnificent Nobleman's Chest

Golden Wing Axe
Golden Wing Short Bow
Golden Wing Dagger
Golden Wing Focus
Golden Wing Greatsword
Golden Wing Hammer
Golden Wing Harpoon
Golden Wing Mace
Golden Wing Pistol
Golden Wing Rifle
Golden Wing Scepter
Golden Wing Speargun
Golden Wing Sword
Golden Wing Torch
Golden Wing Trident
Golden Wing Warhorn
Golden Wing Longbow
Golden Wing Shield
Golden Wing Staff
Council Guard Greaves
Council Guard Breastplate
Council Guard Gauntlets
Council Guard Helm
Council Guard Legguards
Council Guard Pauldrons
Council Ministry Shoes
Council Ministry Vestments
Council Ministry Gloves
Council Ministry Circlet
Council Ministry Hose
Council Ministry Mantle
Council Watch Boots
Council Watch Chestguard
Council Watch Gloves
Council Watch Faceguard
Council Watch Leggings
Council Watch Shoulderguards
Unlocked 1 Weapon or Armor Skin 1Achievement points
Unlocked 18 Weapon and Armor Skins 1Achievement points
Unlocked 37 Weapon and Armor Skins 1Achievement points