Destroyer Weapon Crate

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Veteran Destroyer Loot Box.png

Destroyer Weapon Crate

Item type
Basic Collections.png Primordus Weapons
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click to open. Contains a choice of one account-bound Primordus weapon. Unlocks the Primordus Weapons collection.

— In-game description


This is a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Transfer Chaser Transfer Chaser Central Tyria mastery point 10Achievement points
Complete each task to track a disturbance in magic's flow.
Reward:Veteran Destroyer Loot Box.png Destroyer Weapon Crate

1 Task Complete 1Achievement points
6 Tasks Complete 9Achievement points


Select one of the following. All weapons have assassin stats. The selected weapon will be account-bound, but you can compare the Trading Post prices below if you'd like to get the most valuable one to complete the Primordus Weapons collection with less expense.

Item Trading post
Buy Sell
Primordus Axe.png Assassin's Primordus Axe
Primordus Dagger.png Assassin's Primordus Dagger
Primordus Focus.png Assassin's Primordus Focus
Primordus Greatsword.png Assassin's Primordus Greatsword
Primordus Maul.png Assassin's Primordus Maul
Primordus Rifle.png Assassin's Primordus Harpoon Gun
Primordus Longbow.png Assassin's Primordus Longbow
Primordus Mace.png Assassin's Primordus Mace
Primordus Pistol.png Assassin's Primordus Pistol
Primordus Rifle.png Assassin's Primordus Rifle
Primordus Scepter.png Assassin's Primordus Scepter
Primordus Shield.png Assassin's Primordus Shield
Primordus Short Bow.png Assassin's Primordus Short Bow
Primordus Pike.png Assassin's Primordus Pike
Primordus Staff.png Assassin's Primordus Staff
Primordus Sword.png Assassin's Primordus Sword
Primordus Torch.png Assassin's Primordus Torch
Primordus Staff.png Assassin's Primordus Trident
Primordus Warhorn.png Assassin's Primordus Warhorn