The Main Thrust

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The Main Thrust is a Basic Collections achievement that requires unlocking all of the Sunspear weapon skins.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. The Main Thrust Basic Collections 5Achievement points
Unlock 16 Sunspear skins in your wardrobe by crafting or using the Trading Post.
Recipes can be purchased from renown vendors in the Crystal Desert after unlocking Elonian weapon skins.
Reward:Imann's Grateful Gift.png Nadijeh's Royal Arms Cache

Sunspear Warsickle
Sunspear Carver
Sunspear Runestone
Sunspear Greatblade
Sunspear Smasher
Sunspear Recurve
Sunspear Thrasher
Sunspear Sidearm
Sunspear Matchlock
Sunspear Rod
Sunspear Wallshield
Sunspear Pocketbow
Sunspear Standard
Sunspear Cutlass
Sunspear Firelight — Hint: Found when identifying gear, or purchased from the Black Lion Trading Post.
Sunspear Horn
1 skin unlocked 1Achievement points
5 skins unlocked 1Achievement points
10 skins unlocked 1Achievement points
16 skins unlocked 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]


  • As the basic and named versions share the skins, the collection can be completed through any combination of the two sets. The named versions can be found as loot, whereas the generic Sunspear weapons may only be crafted.
Item TP buy price TP sell price
Sunspear Carver.png Sunspear Carver
Sunspear Cutlass.png Sunspear Cutlass
Sunspear Firelight.png Sunspear Firelight
Sunspear Greatblade.png Sunspear Greatblade
Sunspear Horn.png Sunspear Horn
Sunspear Matchlock.png Sunspear Matchlock
Sunspear Pocketbow.png Sunspear Pocketbow
Sunspear Recurve.png Sunspear Recurve
Sunspear Rod.png Sunspear Rod
Sunspear Runestone.png Sunspear Runestone
Sunspear Sidearm.png Sunspear Sidearm
Sunspear Smasher.png Sunspear Smasher
Sunspear Standard.png Sunspear Standard
Sunspear Thrasher.png Sunspear Thrasher
Sunspear Wallshield.png Sunspear Wallshield
Sunspear Waraxe.png Sunspear Warsickle

Item TP buy price TP sell price
Sunspear Waraxe.png Abasi's Envenomed Cleaver
Sunspear Carver.png Darekh's Quick End
Sunspear Smasher.png Dume's Gilded Smasher
Sunspear Runestone.png Jahdugar's Syllabus
Sunspear Pocketbow.png Kahdash's Riding Bow
Sunspear Recurve.png Kina's Warning Shot
Sunspear Cutlass.png Libeh's Truthteller
Sunspear Horn.png Mothusi's Echoing Voice
Sunspear Firelight.png Nagozi's Enchanted Lamp
Sunspear Rod.png Odurra's Magnificence
Sunspear Matchlock.png Raidmarshal Bayonet
Sunspear Sidearm.png Shorewatcher's Backup
Sunspear Thrasher.png Sogolon's Purifier
Sunspear Standard.png Suti's Hexbreaker
Sunspear Greatblade.png The Castellan's Quality
Sunspear Wallshield.png Timera's Shield of Good Cheer