Vigil's Honor (achievement)

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Vigil's Honor is a Basic Collections achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Vigil's Honor Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Unlock all 37 Vigil's Honor weapon and armor skins.
Unlock Item:Operative's Creed.png Vigil Equipment Guide
Reward:Eye of Janthir (amulet).png Vigil's Honor

Unlocked 37 Skins 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Related item Vendor price
Total Skill.png + Skill.png + Skill.png + Skill.png + Skill.png + 24 Gold coin 4 Silver coin


  • All items for this collection can be purchased from vendors in the Vigil Headquarters, personal story rewards, or achievement rewards.
    • The total cost is 107 Gold coin 6 Silver coin, including the collection unlock.
    • The total cost without buying any weapons is 27 Gold coin 14 Silver coin, including the collection unlock. You would have to complete the level 30 personal story quest a total of 19 times (or 18 if you've completed Search and Rescue) over the course of your account's lifespan in order to bring the total cost down to this point.

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