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Auric weapons

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the weapon set. For the achievement, see Auric Weapons.

Auric weapons are a set of level 80 FExotic weapons introduced in Heart of Thorns, which follow the visual theme of the Exalted. Acquiring these weapons is part of the Auric Weapons collection achievement, which is a prerequisite for the Luminate's Backplate сollection.


  • You get a choice of one of three weapons depending on profession for completing the story mission City of Hope; available choices are listed here. This mission can be repeated on different characters to acquire more weapons.
    • To minimize the cost of acquiring these weapons, the ideal weapon choice from this mission, assuming 1 character of each profession, is:
      • Guardian tango icon 20px.png Hammer, or Mace if Warrior has already chosen Hammer
      • Revenant tango icon 20px.png Staff, or Sword if Elementalist or Necromancer has already chosen Staff 1
      • Warrior tango icon 20px.png Hammer, or Mace if Guardian has already chosen Hammer
      • Engineer tango icon 20px.png Rifle
      • Ranger tango icon 20px.png Longbow
      • Thief tango icon 20px.png Short Bow
      • Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Staff, or Scepter if Revenant or Necromancer has already chosen Staff 1
      • Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Greatsword
      • Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Staff, or Axe if Revenant or Elementalist has already chosen Staff 1
    • 1: Between Revenant, Elementalist, and Necromancer, one can get Staff and 2 out of 3 of Sword, Scepter, and Axe, depending on player preference.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Auric Axe.png Auric Axe Axe
Auric Dagger.png Auric Dagger Dagger
Auric Mace.png Auric Mace Mace
Auric Pistol.png Auric Pistol Pistol
Auric Scepter.png Auric Scepter Scepter
Auric Sword.png Auric Sword Sword
Off hand
Auric Focus.png Auric Focus Focus
Auric Warhorn.png Auric Warhorn Warhorn
Auric Torch.png Auric Torch Torch
Auric Shield.png Auric Shield Shield
Auric Greatsword.png Auric Greatsword Greatsword
Auric Hammer.png Auric Hammer Hammer
Auric Longbow.png Auric Longbow Longbow
Auric Rifle.png Auric Rifle Rifle
Auric Short Bow.png Auric Short Bow Short bow
Auric Staff.png Auric Staff Staff


  • Auric weapons obtained from the story mission City of Hope have the Wanderer's prefix.
  • Crafted Auric weapons have the prefix given by the inscription they were crafted with.
Prefix Major attribute(s) Minor attribute(s)
Apothecary's Healing Power.png Healing Power Toughness.png Toughness
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
Assassin's Precision.png Precision Power.png Power
Ferocity.png Ferocity
Berserker's Power.png Power Precision.png Precision
Ferocity.png Ferocity
Carrion Condition Damage.png Condition Damage Power.png Power
Vitality.png Vitality
Cleric's Healing Power.png Healing Power Power.png Power
Toughness.png Toughness
Crusader Power.png Power
Toughness.png Toughness
Ferocity.png Ferocity
Healing Power.png Healing Power
Knight's Toughness.png Toughness Power.png Power
Precision.png Precision
Marauder Power.png Power
Precision.png Precision
Vitality.png Vitality
Ferocity.png Ferocity
Rampager's Precision.png Precision Power.png Power
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
Valkyrie Power.png Power Vitality.png Vitality
Ferocity.png Ferocity



  • All Auric weapons have a default damage type of Choking. This is inherent to the weapon itself, and not its skin.