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Scholar's Pack (achievement)

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Scholar's Pack Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Collect all 8 items to create your Scholar's Pack.
Prerequisite: Completion of Prisoners of the Dragon
Reward:Scholar's Pack.png Scholar's Pack

Novice's Pack — The backpack of a new member of the Durmand Priory. "Mordremoth may have devastated the Pact Fleet, but our spirit remains strong." —Laranthir
Priory Maintenance Oil — Hint: Purchased from Itzel vendors for airship parts.
Resilient Priory Belt — Hint: Complete the story step "Prized Possessions."
Priory Backplate — Hint: Purchased from Exalted vendors for aurillium.
Golden Priory Buckle — Hint: Complete the story step "Strange Observations."
Priory Honing Crystal — Hint: Purchased from Nuhoch vendors for ley-line crystals.
Waterproof Priory Padding — Hint: Complete the story step "Buried Insight."
Dragonvine Priory Strap — Hint: Complete the story step "Heart of Thorns".
Collected 1 item. 1Achievement points
Collected 4 items. 1Achievement points
Collected 8 items. 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Story Rewards[edit]

Item Story Step
Novice's Pack.png Novice's Pack Prisoners of the Dragon
Resilient Priory Belt.png Resilient Priory Belt Prized Possessions
Golden Priory Buckle.png Golden Priory Buckle Strange Observations
Gossamer Epaulet Panel.png Waterproof Priory Padding Buried Insight
Dragonvine Strap.png Dragonvine Priory Strap Hearts and Minds


Item Vendor Area Zone Cost
Apprentice Maintenance Oil.png Priory Maintenance Oil Itzel Mastery Vendor Itzel Mastery Vendor Jaka Itzel
Tarir, the Forgotten City
Maguuma's Breach
Verdant Brink
Auric Basin
Verdant Brink
500 Airship Part.png + 50 Silver coin
Apprentice Maintenance Oil.png Priory Maintenance Oil Xochitl Xochitl Teku Nuhoch Tangled Depths 500 Airship Part.png + 50 Silver coin
Darksteel Plated Dowel.png Priory Backplate Exalted Mastery Vendor Exalted Mastery Vendor Noble Ledges
Tarir, the Forgotten City
Verdant Brink
Auric Basin
50 Silver coin + 500 Lump of Aurillium.png
Toxic Focusing Crystal.png Priory Honing Crystal Nuhoch Mastery Vendor Nuhoch Mastery Vendor Jaka Itzel
Tangled Descent
Teku Nuhoch
Tarir, the Forgotten City
Verdant Brink
Tangled Depths
Tangled Depths
Auric Basin
500 Ley Line Crystal.png + 50 Silver coin
Toxic Focusing Crystal.png Priory Honing Crystal Tenoch Tenoch Teku Nuhoch Tangled Depths 500 Ley Line Crystal.png + 50 Silver coin


The collection's description of how to obtain Dragonvine Priory Strap states to complete story step Heart of Thorns. It is a typo; it should be story step Hearts and Minds.
  • The story reward pieces of the collection can only be obtained by the character who begins the collection, meaning that you must finish the story on that character to complete it.
  • The collection items have no connection to personal story choice of the order.

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