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Disambig icon.png This article is about the generic NPCs throughout Tyria. For the NPCs seen during story instances, see Bartender (NPC).

Bartenders are NPCs of various races and sexes found throughout Tyria.

Most of them are merchants that most commonly sell alcoholic beverages, and many of them offer Belcher's Bluff items. A few function as regular merchants, offering no alcoholic beverages or related consumables, and some are "Bartender" only in name, offering no services at all.

Locations of bartenders[edit]

  • Bartenders with no icon sell drinks for coin, but will not sell Belcher's Bluff Kits.
  • Those marked with Belcher's Bluff (map icon).png sell Belcher's Bluff Kits.
  • Those marked with Karma Merchant (map icon).png sell drinks for karma.
  • Those marked with Merchant (vendor icon).png are "bartender" only in name, and do not sell drinks. But are other kind of vendor and will offer other items.
  • Those marked with Guild Enhancements.png are a guild hall service, offering free Guild Enhancements potions to drink on the spot instead beverages.
  • Those marked with Cross white.png are "bartender" only in name, and are not vendors.

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