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Koutalophile is a Basic Collections achievement that requires players to collect spoon trinkets found in Tyria as a collection.


This achievement rewards items. Koutalophile Basic Collections Central Tyria mastery point 3Achievement points
Collect all of the spoon trinkets of Tyria.They are so much more than cutlery!
Unlock Item: Collectible Spoon Box.pngCollectible Spoon Box
Reward: Bag of Mentor's Supplies.pngBag of Mentor's Supplies

Collected 1 Spoon 1Achievement points
Collected 10 Spoons 1Achievement points
Collected 21 Spoons 1Achievement points

Unlock item[edit]

Item Level Vendor Area Zone Cost
Collectible Spoon Box.png Collectible Spoon Box Legendary Collector Youngblood Legendary Collector Youngblood Commodore's Quarter Lion's Arch 10 Silver coin

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Rarity Vendor price
Total 8,743 Karma + Gold coin + 12 Guild Commendation


Most of the items for this collection can be obtained from vendors. Three of the items must be found as drops.



Item Rarity Acquisition Location Map
Ancient Emerald Orrian Spoon.pngAncient Emerald Orrian Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Recruit Tochacatl. Waypoint (map icon).png Broken Spit Waypoint - Straits of Devastation Ancient Emerald Orrian Spoon map.jpg
Ancient Orrian Spoon.pngAncient Orrian Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Tactician Almonia. Waypoint (map icon).png Penitent Waypoint - Cursed Shore Ancient Orrian Spoon map.jpg
Measuring Spoon.pngCooking Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Hune. Waypoint (map icon).png Thunderhorns Waypoint - Lornar's Pass Cooking Spoon map.jpg
Measuring Spoon.pngCommemorative First Haven Metal Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Clerk Ulva. Waypoint (map icon).png First Haven Waypoint - Gendarran Fields Commemorative First Haven Metal Spoon map.jpg
Imperial Chef Yileng's Golden Spoon.pngImperial Chef Yileng's Golden Spoon Ascended Purchased from Guild Officer/Laurel Merchant/Scholar Glenna. Waypoint (map icon).png Palace Waypoint - Divinity's Reach
Measuring Spoon.pngMeasuring Spoon Fine Purchased from Farmer Eda. Waypoint (map icon).png Orchard Waypoint - Queensdale Measuring Spoon map.jpg
Travelen's Lodge Commemorative Spoon.pngTravelen's Lodge Commemorative Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Disa. Waypoint (map icon).png Travelen's Waypoint - Dredgehaunt Cliffs Travelen's Lodge Commemorative Spoon map.jpg
Meatoberfest Souvenir Spoon.pngMeatoberfest Souvenir Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Lakor Grizzlemouth. Waypoint (map icon).png Butcher's Block Waypoint - Diessa Plateau Meatoberfest Souvenir Spoon map.jpg
Measuring Spoon.pngOgre Gruel Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Naknar. Waypoint (map icon).png Grostogg's Kraal Waypoint - Iron Marches Ogre Gruel Spoon map.jpg
Rosko's Campsite's Famous Bean Spoon.pngRosko's Campsite's Famous Bean Spoon (both versions) Fine and Masterwork Purchased from Rancher Jenneth. Waypoint (map icon).png Fangfury Watch Waypoint - Fields of Ruin Rosko's Campsite's Famous Bean Spoon map.jpg


  • If an NPC sells both a fine and masterwork quality version of the same named item, you will need to purchase both to unlock them separately in your collection.
  • Only one copy of Imperial Chef Yileng's Golden Spoon is required; this can be obtained from any source. The cheapest method gold-wise is through the guild commendations.
  • The total karma cost (of all the spoons that cost karma) is 8,743 Karma
  • The Dented Canthan Chalices sold by Admiral Clarinda Demard have a spoon for their icon, but are not spoons, and do not count towards this collection.
  • Once the spoon has been credited to the achievement (it appears in the collection in your Hero Achievements panel), you may sell or destroy your spoon safely.
  • After Heart of Thorns release, once the trophies found as drop (Carved Bone Spoon, Fractal Spoon and Siege Commander's Spoon) are added to the collection, additional copies will be replaced by Broken Spoons.