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Auric Weapons

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement. For the weapon set, see Auric weapons.

Auric Weapons is a Basic Collections achievement that requires unlocking all of the Auric weapons skins.


Auric Weapons Basic Collections 5Achievement points
Unlock all 16 Auric weapon skins in your wardrobe.
Reward:Auric Backplate.png Auric Backplate

Auric Axe
Auric Longbow
Auric Short Bow
Auric Dagger
Auric Focus
Auric Greatsword
Auric Hammer
Auric Mace
Auric Pistol
Auric Rifle
Auric Scepter
Auric Shield
Auric Staff
Auric Sword
Auric Torch
Auric Warhorn
Unlocked 5 Auric Weapon Skins 1Achievement points
Unlocked 10 Auric Weapon Skins 1Achievement points
Unlocked 16 Auric Weapon Skins 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]