Ogre Expert

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Ogre Expert is a Basic Collections achievement that requires unlocking all of the ogre weapon skins. The collection itself is unlocked by consuming an Ogre Tooth.


Ogre Expert Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Unlock all of the ogre weapons in your wardrobe, and collect an Ogre Tooth.
Unlock Item:Ogre Tooth.png Ogre Tooth
Reward:Ogre Sharpening Kit.png Ogre Sharpening Kit
Unlocked Ogre Tooth 1Achievement points
Unlocked 10 Ogre Items 1Achievement points
Unlocked 20 Ogre Items 1Achievement points

Colletion items[edit]


  • You do not have to craft the weapons yourself; you only have to unlock the skins.
  • The Ogre Bludgeoner shares its skin with the Chieftan's Mace, which is significantly cheaper.