Magnificent Flame Legion Chest

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Legendary Gaheron Baelfire Loot Box.png

Magnificent Flame Legion Chest

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Account Bound
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— In-game description


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Citadel of Flame Collector Basic Collections 3Achievement points
Use Flame Legion Charr Carvings from Citadel of Flame to unlock all 37 weapon and armor skins in your wardrobe.
Reward:Legendary Gaheron Baelfire Loot Box.png Magnificent Flame Legion Chest

Flame Legion Greaves
Flame Legion Breastplate
Flame Legion Gauntlets
Flame Legion Helm
Flame Legion Legguards
Flame Legion Pauldrons
Flame Legion Shoes
Flame Legion Vestments
Flame Legion Wraps
Flame Legion Mask
Flame Legion Pants
Flame Legion Epaulets
Flame Legion Boots
Flame Legion Coat
Flame Legion Gloves
Flame Legion Helm
Flame Legion Leggings
Flame Legion Shoulders
Molten Axe
Molten Longbow
Molten Short Bow
Molten Dagger
Molten Focus
Molten Greatsword
Molten Harpoon
Molten Mace
Molten Rifle
Molten Scepter
Molten Speargun
Molten Staff
Molten Sword
Molten Torch
Molten Trident
Molten Warhorn
Molten Pistol
Molten Shield
Molten Hammer
Unlocked 1 Weapon or Armor Skin 1Achievement points
Unlocked 18 Weapon and Armor Skins 1Achievement points
Unlocked 37 Weapon and Armor Skins 1Achievement points