Utility Utilizer

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Utility Utilizer is a Basic Collections achievement.


Utility Utilizer Basic Collections.png Basic Collections AP.png
Use one of each of these 6 utility boost items.
Reward:Utility Primer.png Utility Primer
Used 1 Utility Boosts AP.png
Used 3 Utility Boosts AP.png
Used 6 Utility Boosts AP.png

Collection items[edit]

  • Master Tuning Crystal.png Master Tuning Crystal -
  • Master Maintenance Oil.png Master Maintenance Oil -
  • Superior Sharpening Stone.png Superior Sharpening Stone -
  • Toxic Focusing Crystal.png Toxic Focusing Crystal -
  • Toxic Maintenance Oil.png Toxic Maintenance Oil -
  • Toxic Sharpening Stone.png Toxic Sharpening Stone -