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Mail received during the Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx event.

14 December 2012[edit]


Captain Tokk

Wintersday Airship

Greetings, festival-goers!

Ever since preparations began for the arrival of our Wintersday grandmaster, Tixx the Toymaker, there has been much speculation about the details of his visit. Allow me to put the rumors to rest.

Tixx, our special guest, is an esteemed toymaker whose creations have brought joy (and, truth be told, a bit of mischief) to citizens all over Tyria. This Wintersday, Tixx is planning to visit Tyria's greatest cities to showcase his inventions in his famous aerial workshop.

He will be spending one day at each city before his final celebration in Lion's Arch.

His schedule is as follows:
1st stop: The Grove
2nd stop: Divinity's Reach
3rd stop: The Black Citadel
4th stop: Hoelbrak
5th stop: Rata Sum
Final stop: Lion's Arch

At each of the first five locations, before his arrival in Lion's Arch, Tixx will reveal an amazing new toy designed to bring happiness to the inhabitants and visitors of each city. If you miss a day, don't worry-once Tixx reaches Lion's Arch, you can access his toy production console. Designed to reproduce the toymaker's creations, the console will be your opportunity to catch up on Tixx's holiday treats.

To thank those who help him around his airship, Tixx is giving out a different toy mini frame at each city stop before Lion's Arch, along with a stack of parts. Each mini requires a frame and a complete set of three unique stacks of parts. These items can also be traded in the Black Lion Trading Company's Trading Post.

Expectations are high for his arrival in Lion's Arch and the promise of a special gift.

So, enjoy the holiday! But keep an eye on those toys...

Captain Tokk

Wintersday starts December 14th. The airship visits its first stop on December 15th at 10 a.m. PST and moves on to following stops at 10 a.m. PST each day.


Captain Tokk

Happy Wintersday!

Felicitations for a wonderful Wintersday! The Captain's Council has been busy these past months preparing a celebration to remember. It might be the best Wintersday yet, so get ready! Here's what we've got planned:

First of all, I'm sure you've heard of the magnificent snow globe our engineers have erected in Lion's Arch with the generous help of Zommoros, keeper of the Mystic Forge. Yes, this will be open to the public! Inside is a beautiful wintery scene just perfect for a snowball fight. It's also the location of the well-known Bell Choir Ensemble, and we have a surprise for you this year-you can participate in the music-making! And for thrill-seekers, the snow globe's frosty heights offer a challenging trek.

Secondly, Tixx, the famous toymaker, will be appearing in his airship workshop! In fact, he'll be flying around to each of the major cities during the festival. At each stop, a new toy invention will be revealed. At his final stop in Lion's Arch, a brand-new toy-based game will be available to play! Also, in case you missed any of Tixx's city stops, you'll be able to participate in any goings-on you might have missed (and receive the corresponding rewards).

Of course, Wintersday occurs all over Tyria, not just in the cities. While out and about on your adventures, you'll encounter festive treats, like mysterious presents and snowmen to build.

For your convenience, special festive Lionguard guides will be available in Lion's Arch in case you need a reminder about the details of the festival.

Farewell! Enjoy your merrymaking!

Captain Tokk

20 December 2012[edit]


Captain Tokk

Join Us In Lion's Arch

Salutations, Wintersday celebrants!

After touring the cities of Tyria, Tixx the Toymaker and his Funwerks Krewe have finally arrived in Lion's Arch!
Festivities are in full-swing, with wassailing and singing, and even bell ringing. But much is astir in Tixx's airship. Now overrun with malfunctioning toys, a Seraph guard is recruiting adventurers to cull the hordes and secure the aerial lab.

But the excitement won't last forever-Tixx is only in Lion's Arch for two weeks, and once he leaves his airship and toys go with him. So don't be a lollygagger! Make sure to stop by the Grand Piazza, where Tixx has a special gift just for you (one that, we've been assured, won't talk back).

Captain Tokk

21 December 2012[edit]


Toymaker Tixx

A Special Gift

As a token of my appreciation for Tyria's generosity in allowing me to showcase my work, and for the assistance I've received from it's helpful citizens, I have mailed this special gift to every citizen of Tyria.

Wishing you a warm and wound-up Wintersday,

Toymaker Tixx

Wintersday Gift.png
 Toymaker Tixx's Gift