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Assist Explorer Flynn through the djinn's cave and help him recover djinn artifacts

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Assist Explorer Flynn through the djinn's cave and help him recover djinn artifacts

Interactive map

Interactive map

Assist Explorer Flynn through the djinn's cave and help him recover djinn artifacts is a level 80 group event that starts in Western Mihan Hillsides and progresses to Purling Deep. This event allows players to get inside the Lair of Zommoros.


  • Explorer Flynn is looking for adventurers to aid him.
  • Adventurers gathered: x/3
  • Explorer Flynn
  • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
  • Stand on the pressure plates to open the gate.
  • Pressure Plates active: x/4
  • Stand on the pressure plates to open the gate.
  • Pressure Plates active: x/4
  • Unidentified Djinn Artifacts
  • Event bar.jpg Unidentified Djinn Artifact.png
  • Your contribution: x
  • Explorer Flynn Leaves In: 1:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma.png 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma.png 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma.png 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Escort Explorer Flynn into the cave and protect him from enemies while you make your way to the gate. Clear enemies and then stand on a set of plates to open the gate. You will need three players to stand on all three plates at same time to open. After the first gate, you will enter a room with a bridge and be attacked by enemies. Clear the enemies and the gargoyles blocking the way with flames.

At the second gate, Flynn will once again stand on a plate on the bridge. The other three plates are underneath the bridge on the sides of the pillars (use a springer). Glide or jump on the plates to activate the switch that opens the second gate. Once inside, you will need to bring Unidentified Djinn Artifacts to Flynn. Avoid detection while carrying the artifacts or they will disappear.








Explorer Flynn: Interested in discovering the secrets of the djinn? Join me!
Event start
Explorer Flynn: Do you know Zommoros? Legendary djinn? Mystic forger? Revered pack rat? My data shows this may be his original home.
After gathering enough adventurers
Explorer Flynn: Ah! Watch for falling rocks.
After reaching the first set of pressure plates
Explorer Flynn: I've seen gates like these in my studies. The locking mechanisms are tied to pressure plates.
Explorer Flynn: With enough pressure applied to all the plates, the gate will open. Hopefully none of you are too scrawny.
Explorer Flynn: I'll stand on this one here. Find the others.
Explorer Flynn: The mechanism is moving. It's opening! Well done.
Explorer Flynn: Djinn aren't known for welcoming houseguests. Especially uninvited mortals. Could be some creative traps in here.
Explorer Flynn: Wire trap here. Half-broken. Too sloppy for a djinn, unless... Might be a diversion. Stay alert!
Explorer Flynn: Bloodthirsty flying rodents! Gross! Get away!
Veran Fire Djinn: Leave, mortal, or you will burn.
Explorer Flynn: Whoa, that's hot! But I can't turn back now, no way!
Explorer Flynn: Put the fires out! Target the source fo the flames. A little sweat and a few blisters can't stop this expedition!
Explorer Flynn: Ouch. I think...I think I'm bleeding.
Explorer Flynn: Yes, that's definitely a lot of blood. I could be in trouble here.
Explorer Flynn: Feeling weak. Lot of blood loss. Help me!
Explorer Flynn: Thanks!
After reaching the second set of pressure plates
Explorer Flynn: Another gate. This at least proves the existence of djinn paranoia. You know the drill—find the other pressure plates.
Explorer Flynn: That's it! It's opening. Good teamwork.
Upon opening the final chamber
Explorer Flynn: Pay dirt! Oh, finally, the lair of Zommoros. Ooh, fascinating. So many piles of archaeologically significant...things.
Explorer Flynn: Now, find some djinn-related artifacts. You'll know it when you see it because you won't know what it is when you see it.
Explorer Flynn: And keep an eye out for traps. The djinn are even more suspicious than I realized.
Bringing in the artifacts
Explorer Flynn: Yes, an exciting discovery!
Explorer Flynn: Ooooh!
Explorer Flynn: Intriguing. Very intriguing.
Explorer Flynn: Find any mysterious djinn Bring them to me!
When enough artifacts are gathered
Explorer Flynn: I have a pretty good haul of artifacts that need further inspection.
Explorer Flynn: Quick now, grab anything strange you can find. We need to leave before...who knows what!


  • Flynn begins looking for adventures to assist him after 15 minutes have passed since the last event chain.