Lair of Zommoros

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Lair of Zommoros

Lair of Zommoros map.jpg
Map of Lair of Zommoros

Point of Interest
Purling Deep
(Domain of Vabbi)
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Lair of Zommoros.jpg

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Interactive map

The Lair of Zommoros is a djinn vault in the Purling Deep within Domain of Vabbi. It was the original home of Zomorros before the djinn left Elona for Central Tyria and made his new home in Mythwright Gambit.

Getting there[edit]

Related achievements[edit]


  • For the Glorify the Golden Heart collection, players must have the Amalgamated Gemstones in their inventory, and interact with the elemental orb floating inside of each of the 4 smaller rooms and interact with the floating crystal on the top of the main room. You must do this very quickly, and before you finish killing the Djinn. Almost immediately after the Djinn dies, you will be locked out of the vault. If you want to finish the achievement, ignore the event and focus on the achievement.
  • The event required to get access to the lair starts 15 minutes after the associated event chain last ended.