Train with the militia

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Train with the militia

Township of Claypool
Renown NPC
Captain Lindel
That's good training
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Soldier Tegwin
463 Experience.png
135 Karma.png
68 Copper coin

Interactive map

Talk to Sergeant Sato to train with rifles, Sergeant Nital to train with swords, and Sergeant Liddy to train with shields.

— Heart objective

Train with the militia is a Renown Heart in Township of Claypool.

Contributing actions[edit]


The best way to do this is to train with the rifle since it is 12% heart progress. Press 1 to hold and release it to fire, press 2 to drop the rifle. The shield is the worst method since it requires perfect timing.

Completion mail[edit]


Captain Lindel

Best Regards

Honestly, I wasn't sure someone of your reputation would stick around to help my militia. I'm impressed and honored that you did.

Thank you and best regards,

—Captain Lindel

68 Copper coin