Secrets in the Swamp

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Secrets in the Swamp

Event type
Meta event
Total events
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Secrets in the Swamp.jpg

Secrets in the Swamp is a meta event that takes place within and around the Godslost Swamp in Queensdale. It is focused on fighting off invasions of Aatxes and Shades via destroying portals. A majority of the time the event will be inactive, until the three events around the Swamp occur. Completing the final event yields a Demonic Chest and, once per day per account for players at or above level 40, a Bonus Chest.

Dynamic events[edit]


  • The Bosses achievement Dispelling Shadows is related to this event.
  • This event chain is on a 2 hour timer, which starts on 45 minutes past the odd hours (UTC).