The Battle for Beetletun

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The Battle for Beetletun

Event type
Meta event
Total events

The Battle for Beetletun is a meta event that takes place near the Shire of Beetletun in Queensdale.

Status messages[edit]

  • The Seraph hold centaur lands.
  • The centaurs are on the offensive.
  • The land is currently quiet.
    • the centaurs occupy Holdland Camp and neither side is advancing on the other.
  • The Seraph are on the offensive.
    • the Seraph are trying to take Holdland Camp.
  • The centaurs hold Beetletun lands.
    • the centaurs hold Tunwatch Redoubt.
  • The centaurs have taken farmers as prisoners.
    • the Seraph have retaken Tunwatch Redoubt and stopped the centaur attacks on the farms, but the centaurs hold farmers as prisoners.

Dynamic events[edit]