Bloodstone Sliver

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the object. For other uses, see Bloodstone Sliver (disambiguation).

Bloodstone Sliver

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Bloodstone Slivers are fragments of the Maguuma Jungle Bloodstone that have been scattered far across Tyria due to the explosion caused by the White Mantle's experiments in Bloodstone Fen.


# Zone Area Closest Waypoint Notes
1 The Silverwastes Northeastern Silverwastes Drydock Grotto Waypoint
West of the waypoint, on top of the SS Topsy-Turvy.
2 Frostgorge Sound The Sea of Lamentation Ice Floe Waypoint
Head west from the waypoint, up the bridge. Once in Deep and Troubled Waters head north and go up the ramp on the left.
3 Blazeridge Steppes Terra Carorunda Terra Carorunda Waypoint
Head northeast into Craze's Folly. From the Craze's Folly point of interest, head east. The climb up the jumping puzzle of stairs. Once you finish climbing up and reach the open area, head east and the sliver is found at the end of the stream.
4 Brisban Wildlands Hidden Lake Seraph Observers Waypoint
Head south from the waypoint to the hero point.
5 Verdant Brink Wyvern Cliffs Jaka Itzel Waypoint
Head northwest up the hill, then south once you reach the top. Glide to the next cliff to reach it. It is next to where you find Levvi's Device.
6 Queensdale Village of Shaemoor Shaemoor Waypoint
Head northeast up the hill from the waypoint. Keep going east until you reach the graveyard. The sliver is found in a tree in the middle of the graveyard.
7 Harathi Hinterlands Thunder Rock Recovery Camp Waypoint
Head south from the waypoint, going up the hill towards and then going just past Overwatch Camp. The sliver is on the side of the cliff to the southeast of the POI.
8 Rata Sum College of Statics Metrical Court Waypoint
North of the waypoint, climb up the vines on the outside of the city to reach the sliver.
9 Timberline Falls Nonmoa Lake Coil Waypoint
Head west from the waypoint and climb up the krait tower. To reach the sliver, go to the goggles in the southwest part of the tower, and then glide to the sliver. If glider is not available, it's possible to reach the sliver using the Experimental Teleportation Gun, or using the Springer. Use the skill from the same diving spot.
10 Mount Maelstrom Magmatic Conjury Magmatic Waypoint
Head north from the waypoint, and climb up the mountain. At the first crack you find on the way up, drop down and then glide north to the ledge where the sliver is found.


  • It is possible to get the sliver in Mount Maelstrom even if you don't have a glider; the Guardian's Leap of Faith greatsword skill can reach the ledge if aimed at the right angle from the left side of the upper part of the crack. Elementalists can use Dust Charge (Tornado Elite Skill) from the same location. Warriors can use Savage Leap sword skill, by falling from the crack to the ledge directly across (east from the sliver). You can also use the Experimental Teleportation Gun. Alternatively, you can use the Springer mount after a jump to the ledge just below the sliver.


Blazeridge Steppes
Looks like it got caught on the rocks.
Talk end option tango.png Got here just in time–this could've washed away.
Brisban Wildlands
The very air in this area feels strange.
Talk end option tango.png Let's take this bloodstone sliver before it has a chance to cause trouble.
Frostgorge Sound
This area is surrounded by icebrood.
Talk end option tango.png Good thing none of them found this.
Harathi Hinterlands
The war between the centaurs and humans rages on.
Talk end option tango.png If a centaur got hold of this sliver, it could change the tide of war.
Mount Maelstrom
The lava rushes past you, threatening to incinerate you.
Talk end option tango.png If this fell into lava, only the destroyers would be able to reach it.
This tree provides shade for people paying their respects.
Talk end option tango.png Let's get this sliver out of here.
Rata Sum
This sliver hit the side of Rata Sum.
Talk end option tango.png I'm surprised it didn't set off security alarms.
The Silverwastes
It's a wonder that a skritt didn't get to this already.
Talk end option tango.png I'd hate to see what a bloodstone-crazed skritt would be like.
Timberline Falls
The krait structure towers over the lake menacingly.
Talk end option tango.png The krait have caused a lot of damage over the years.
Verdant Brink
This landed among the adolescent wyverns.
Talk end option tango.png Hopefully none of the wyverns got ahold of any slivers.

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