Erts Jug of Power Unguent

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Erts Jug of Power Unguent

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Pinion Trail
Hero challenge
Ert's Unguent
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Erts Jug of Power Unguent[sic] sits in Veteran Ert and Burt's cave at the head of Pinion Trail. If one can tire Ert out, a sample of Ert's Unguent from the jar is an... interesting, if foul, reward.

The unguent is placed into your inventory after interacting with the hero challenge and the hero point is received when it is consumed, which can be done at any time. The use of the unguent also provides a green tint to your character for some time.[verification requested]


Before completion
Hero point empty.png Green sludge slops over the edge of this jug. Its potent aroma fills your nostrils and makes you dizzy.
Talk more option tango.png Take some of the sludge.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
After completion
Hero point.png A label on the side of the jug says, "One serving per head."
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • Once the Unguent is consumed, the player will be unable to mount until the visual effect wears off.