Assist Fisherman Will and the fishermen of Beetletun

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Assist Fisherman Will and the fishermen of Beetletun

Shire of Beetletun
Renown NPC
Fisherman Will
You assisted Fisherman Will.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Watchman Cevin
514 Experience.png
150 Karma.png
75 Copper coin

Interactive map

Protect the fishermen from aggressive fish and skale, and capture crabs in the cages.

— Heart objective

Assist Fisherman Will and the fishermen of Beetletun is a Renown Heart in Shire of Beetletun.

Contributing actions[edit]


When you started as a human this might be the first time you have to fight underwater. The hard shelled crabs can not be killed. The crabs are triggered by proximity - the crabs will follow the closest player. To capture a crab, enter its proximity, and then lead it to a cage. Once the crab is close enough to the cage, interact with the cage and capture the crab. The other underwater creatures can be used to fill this heart.

Completion mail[edit]


Fisherman Will

Thank You

The fish are biting, our baskets are full, the lake has never looked better, and that's all thanks to you.

If you ever need a fishing buddy, look me up.

—Fisherman Will

75 Copper coin


  • If another player becomes closer to the crab, the crab will then target that other player and follow them instead.