Unite the ettins

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Unite the ettins

Taminn Foothills
Renown NPC
You helped Krug.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
90 Copper coin
180 Karma.png
634 Experience.png

Interactive map

Help Krug by uniting the ettins and battling centaurs.

— Heart objective

Unite the ettins is a Renown Heart in the Taminn Foothills area of Queensdale.


Contributing actions[edit]

Ettin comment Join Krug
Hnn. You small and shaped funny. But you have good hair. First Option
This day is good day. Nice and warm. First Option
You smell like rabbit. That my favorite smell. First Option
Hello, little squish bug. You want talk to me? First Option
You strange shrimp to talk to ettins. You want something from ettins? Second Option
Me not sure me want to talk to you. Second Option
What you want with ettins? Second Option
What you little fish shrimp want with me? Third Option
Grah, what you want? Third Option
What you looking at? Third Option
Why you bother me? Talk or me smash you to tiny bits! Third Option


  • Should you for any reason forget the best responses to specific ettins, treat any complimentary or cordial ettin with a Charming response, any aggressive or dismissive ettin with a Ferocious response, and any neutral ettin with a Dignified response.
    • Personality dialogue icons were changed for this renown heart. The first option is Charming, the second option is Dignified, and the third option is Ferocious.
  • It may be best to rally the ettins against the centaurs rather than kill them, if you are having trouble approaching the nearby Hero Challenge located in the center of the centaur rallying point.

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

THnaX yU

Krug want ryTe thanx-

(The rest of the letter is almost entirely illegible, mostly just scribbles and primitive stick figures. It appears that Krug had trouble fitting this into the envelope. Still, a thank-you from an ettin is something to be treasured.)

You get:
90 Copper coin 180 Karma.png 634 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Krug the Ettin


Idle chatter between Krug and Ludlow:

Ludlow: I still don't get what you want me to do. You want me to make the ettins fight? Is this supposed to be hard?
Veteran Krug: Me said already. You no listen. You stupid for a human.
Veteran Krug: You help ettins work together to crush hoof beasts. Ettins not work good with other ettins.
Ludlow: You mean "ettins don't work well with other ettins."
Veteran Krug: Huh?
Veteran Krug: You not make sense!
Ludlow: I don't make sense? You leave half the words out of every sentence!

Idle chatter between Krug and Fat Hands:

Fat Hands: Me go crush puny hoof beasts!
Veteran Krug: No! No go alone!
Fat Hands: Me not scared like you!
Veteran Krug: Krug not scared!