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Profession mechanics[edit]

Skill Link ID
Mind Wrack.png Mind Wrack 10191
Cry of Frustration.png Cry of Frustration 10190
Diversion.png Diversion 10287
Distortion.png Distortion 10192

Weapon skills[edit]


Skill Link ID
Spatial Surge.png Spatial Surge 10219
Mirror Blade.png Mirror Blade 10333
Mind Stab.png Mind Stab 10218
Phantasmal Berserker.png Phantasmal Berserker 10221
Illusionary Wave.png Illusionary Wave 10220


Skill Link ID
Winds of Chaos.png Winds of Chaos 10273
Phase Retreat.png Phase Retreat 10310
Phantasmal Warlock.png Phantasmal Warlock 10216
Chaos Armor.png Chaos Armor 10331
Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm 10169


Skill Link ID
Ether Bolt.png Ether Bolt 10289
Redirect Arrow.pngEther Blast.png Ether Blast 10290
Redirect Arrow.pngEther Clone.png Ether Clone 10291
Illusionary Counter.png Illusionary Counter 10276
Redirect Arrow.pngCounterspell.png Counterspell 10314
Confusing Images.png Confusing Images 10168


Skill Link ID
Mind Slash.png Mind Slash 10170
Redirect Arrow.pngMind Gash.png Mind Gash 10171
Redirect Arrow.pngMind Spike.png Mind Spike 10172
Blurred Frenzy.png Blurred Frenzy 10334
Illusionary Leap.png Illusionary Leap 10173
Redirect Arrow.pngArcane Thievery.png Swap 10337
Illusionary Riposte.png Illusionary Riposte 10280
Redirect Arrow.pngCounter Blade.png Counter Blade 10358
Phantasmal Swordsman.png Phantasmal Swordsman 10174


Skill Link ID
The Prestige.png The Prestige 10285
Phantasmal Mage.png Phantasmal Mage 10189


Skill Link ID Trait
Phantasmal Duelist.png Phantasmal Duelist 10175
Magic Bullet.png Magic Bullet 10229
10300 Duelist's Discipline.png


Skill Link ID
Temporal Curtain.png Temporal Curtain 10186
Redirect Arrow.pngVortex.png Into the Void 10363
Phantasmal Warden.png Phantasmal Warden 10282


Skill Link ID
Stab (mesmer skill).png Stab 10315
Redirect Arrow.pngJab (mesmer skill).png Jab 10316
Redirect Arrow.pngEvasive Strike.png Evasive Strike 10317
Feigned Surge.png Feigned Surge 10318
Redirect Arrow.pngFeign.png Feign 10322
Phantasmal Mariner.png Phantasmal Mariner 10251
Slipstream.png Slipstream 10325
Vortex.png Vortex 10255


Skill Link ID
Siren's Call.png Siren's Call 10258
Ineptitude.png Ineptitude 10259
Imminent Voyage.png Imminent Voyage 10327
Phantasmal Whaler.png Phantasmal Whaler 10328
Illusion of Drowning.png Illusion of Drowning 10260

Healing skills[edit]

Skill Link ID
Ether Feast.png Ether Feast 10176
Mantra of Recovery.png Mantra of Recovery 10213
Redirect Arrow.pngPower Return.png Power Return 10214
Mirror.png Mirror 10177

Utility skills[edit]


Skill Link ID
Decoy.png Decoy 10201
Mirror Images.png Mirror Images 10202
Phantasmal Defender.png Phantasmal Defender 10341
Phantasmal Disenchanter.png Phantasmal Disenchanter 10267


Skill Link ID
Feedback.png Feedback 10302
Null Field.png Null Field 10203
Portal Entre.png Portal Entre 10197
Redirect Arrow.pngPortal Exeunt.png Portal Exeunt 10199
Veil.png Veil 10187


Skill Link ID Trait
Arcane Thievery.png Arcane Thievery 10185
10348 Trait I.png
Blink.png Blink 10200
10349 Trait I.png
Illusion of Life.png Illusion of Life 10244
10350 Trait I.png
Mimic.png Mimic 10306
Redirect Arrow.pngEcho.png Echo 10305


Skill Link ID
Mantra of Concentration.png Mantra of Concentration 10237
Redirect Arrow.pngPower Break.png Power Break 10238
Mantra of Distraction.png Mantra of Distraction 10204
Redirect Arrow.pngPower Lock.png Power Lock 10206
Mantra of Pain.png Mantra of Pain 10211
Redirect Arrow.pngPower Spike.png Power Spike 10212
Mantra of Resolve.png Mantra of Resolve 10207
Redirect Arrow.pngPower Cleanse.png Power Cleanse 10209


Skill Link ID
Signet of Domination.png Signet of Domination 10232
Signet of Illusions.png Signet of Illusions 10247
Signet of Inspiration.png Signet of Inspiration 10236
Signet of Midnight.png Signet of Midnight 10234

Elite skills[edit]

Skill Link ID
Mass Invisibility.png Mass Invisibility 10245
Polymorph Moa.png Polymorph Moa 10178
Underwater.pngPolymorph Tuna.png Polymorph Tuna 19402
Time Warp.png Time Warp 10311
Polymorph Moa.png Polymorph Moa
Skill Link ID
Peck.png Claw 10183
Lunge.png Kick 10180
Peck (Moa Morph).png Peck 10181
Screech.png Screech 10182
Flee (Moa Morph).png Flee 15863


Skill Link ID
Mind Blast.png Mind Blast 10196
Vanish in the Deep.png Deception 10366
Phantasmal Rogue.png Phantasmal Rogue 10224
Bandage.png Bandage 1175
Skill Link ID
Mind Blast.png Mind Blast 10196
Vanish in the Deep.png Deception 10366
Phantasmal Rogue.png Phantasmal Rogue 10224
Bandage.png Bandage 1175