The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous

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The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous is a pirate crew including four members that are representing the final champions of tier 2 in Queen's Gauntlet:

Their fighting style consist of teamwork in combination of slashing and using bombs.[1] They fight together and once each of their comrades die, the others inherit its power and heal to full health.


Since the remaining pirates are healed to full health whenever one of them dies so it is best to focus them down one by one.

Of the four abilities, Swashbuckler's Daring can be the most annoying due to their random dodging that while uncommon can disrupt the combat plan entirely especially if the player is on low health. After that, Envenomed Blades are the next biggest problem because of how 2-3 remaining pirates can stack up Virulent Poison on the player character. For the last two, Ace in the Hole is only particularly dangerous if already on low health since the barrages of pistol shots do surprisingly little daamge while Good Nutrition will only delay the inevitable, healing only around 1% hp every other second, and is only relevant if the player's damage per second is low.

Additionally Master Gunner Adil can call down mortar shots around the arena with Cannon Barrage that cause low-damage shots around the arena, Stitches can heal her teammates, and Captain Barnicus can use Call of the Wild to grant all the pirates Fury, Might, and Swiftness.

Therefore it is generally best to start by defeating Stitches before moving onto Adil and then Gaets before finishing off with Barnicus.


  • Originally from Bad Omen Beach
  • Their height ranges from 5'4" to 6'9" (≈ 1.63 to 2.06 m) and their weight from 125 to 240 lbs (≈ 57 to 109 kg).[1]

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