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Inquest Console

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Inquest Console

Control Node.jpg

Sandswept Isles
(Crystal Desert)
Part of
Rebooting IG-6417
Inquest Passcode
Other images

Inquest Console (The Test Subject).jpg

Version found within the story The Test Subject

Inquest Consoles are consoles used by the Inquest and prominently found throughout Rata Primus and other Inquest infested parts of the Sandswept Isles. Proper authentication is required to access the versions found in the open world.


Crystal Desert


Terminal access restricted. Enter passcode to continue.
Talk more option tango.png Enter passcode. only if you have found an Inquest Passcode
Login successful. Initializing...
Welcome! What would you like to do?
Talk merchant tango.png Download <corresponding module>. only if don't have the corresponding module unlocked or in inventory
Talk end option tango.png Log out.
— OR —
Login failed. Report to security immediately for integrity assessment. if you have turned in the corresponding module or have it in your inventory.
Talk back option tango.png Back.
Talk end option tango.png ?? only if you haven't found a passcode