Drive off the Inquest invading the Opticalium lab

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Drive off the Inquest invading the Opticalium lab

Interactive map

Interactive map

Drive off the Inquest invading the Opticalium lab is a level 3 dynamic event that occurs in The Hinterlabs near The Opticalium.


  • Opticalium Lab
  • Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag red.png
  • Inquest morale: x%


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 327 Experience.png 32 Karma.png Copper coin
Silver 278 Experience.png 27 Karma.png Copper coin
Bronze 245 Experience.png 24 Karma.png Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 3 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.




Opticalium's Lab banner during the event
Event start
Lab Assistant: Chief, chief! We have a problem of epic proportions.
Zebb: Is it the synthesizer matrix again? I told them to set it to three degrees!
Lab Assistant: It's not that this time! This is different. Inquest agents are approaching.
Zebb: If it isn't one thing, its another. Alert the krewe.
Inquest Agent Irro: Opticalium, we are taking over this operation in the name of the Inquest! Leave now, without your research, and no harm will come to you.
Zebb: Abandon our research to you reprobates? To the care of inferior intellects and imaginations? I would rather lose a few brain cells.
Lab Assistant: I'm reassured when the worst thing to come out of an Inquest agent's imagination is murder.
Event success
Lab Assistant: All safe and secure, chief.
Zebb: That was closer than I prefer. The Inquest is threatened by our research.
Lab Assistant: We give them good reason to feel that way.
Zebb: Let's put this transgression behind us. Resume research immediately.
Event failure
Zebb: Unacceptable! Where's my dermabraso device when I need it?
Lab Assistant: In there, with the Inquest agents.
Zebb: I know that, you idiot!