Battleground Plaza

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Battleground Plaza

Point of Interest
The Hinterlabs
(Metrica Province)
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The Battleground Plaza is a point of interest within The Hinterlabs. This arena is the location of a golem battle contest that's held between the various asura krewes in the area: Aeronotics, Hydrone, Incinergen, and Terranexic. Victory here is every professional golemancer's dream, as it's a great way to earn recognition.[1]

Originally a wading pool, the Battleground Plaza was remade into the arena it is today after a conflict between two researchers during a game of skelk-skelk-ooze erupted into a full-scale golem battle, though once a year it is refilled for the annual skelk-skelk-ooze championship.[2] It also serves as the location for judging for the Snaff Prize.[3]