Weaken the unruly transformed progeny to return them to normal

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Weaken the unruly transformed progeny to return them to normal

Interactive map

Interactive map

Weaken the unruly transformed progeny to return them to normal is a level 2 dynamic event that occurs in Splorge Metamystics Lab, The Hinterlabs.


  • Transformed progeny: x/8


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 515
27 Karma.png Copper coin
Silver 438
23 Karma.png Copper coin
Bronze 386
21 Karma.png Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 2 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.




Note: Occasionally, the Progeny may be a Tiny Progeny.

Before the event starts
Progeny (1): I'm bored. Can't we study something else?
Professor Hamm: Excellent idea. It's time we move on to an experiment. So, are you all ready for a fun hands-on activity?
Progeny (1): Yeah!
Progeny (2): About time!
Professor Hamm: All righty then. Using only the supplies around you and your knowledge of the elements, concoct as simple potion.
Progeny (2): Unnh, I don't feel so good.
Progeny (1): Huh? What's happening to me?
Professor Hamm: Don't worry. These effects will only be temporary.
During the event
Professor Hamm: Weaken them! It's the only way to transform them back to normal.
When weakening a progeny
Progeny (3): That was so fun!
Progeny (1): Aw. Fun's over.
Progeny (2): Yay! I wanna do that again!
Progeny (4): Best class ever!
Progeny (5): I'm glad that's over.
Progeny (6): Best experiment ever!
Progeny (7): (laugh)
Progeny (8): Best day ever!
After the event
Professor Hamm: Crisis under control. Please return to your normal routine.
Professor Hamm: How is everyone feeling? Do we need a recess?
Progeny (2): That was fun! Can we make more potions?
Professor Hamm: (laugh) No, I think it's time we move on to another subject.