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Disambig icon.png This article is about a krewe chief. For a member of the Arcane Council, see Councilor Vark.

I taught you everything you know, but I didn't teach you everything I know.


Varkk is a member of the College of Synergetics and chief of a krewe which includes Pol and the Snaff Savant. He desires a position in the Arcane Council and is willing to go to any lengths to get it.


Personal story[edit]

Varkk led the krewe including Pol and the soon-to-be Snaff Savant in attempting to obtain the Snaff Prize. In 1325 AE, the eventual Savant helped to battle an Inquest prototype for a golem with Zojja, a former Destiny's Edge member and the founder of the Snaff Prize. This irked Varkk, who sent a letter to the Savant, noting that while altruism was all well and good, they still had a prize to win. He also demonstrated insecurity about his height.

The Savant arrived at the grounds the Snaff Prize would be awarded at and Varkk noted that the College of Synergetics was last in the competition, behind the other colleges and the Inquest. The group then, after the Inquest's presentation led by Teyo, presented their Interspacial Translocator, a teleporter that could transport creatures without a receiving gate, which won the competition. However, Teyo and the Inquest krewe claimed that they had designed the Interspacial Translocator.

After this, Varkk declared that the Arcane Council's decision was foolish and that he would not be recorded as the only Snaff Prize winner to receive an asterisk next to his name. Zojja told him to calm down and it was noted by other members of the krewe that the speed of the council's decision was suspicious. Zojja was then kidnapped and subsequently a prototype incinerator golem attacked the krewe and was defeated. Zojja then explained that Varkk was working with the Inquest and could not be trusted.

Zojja gave the Savant two choices: get revenge on Varkk or rescue Pol, who had been kidnapped by Inquest. If the Savant chose to attack Varkk, they traveled to the Council's meeting chambers where Varkk was being groomed by Councillor Haia for an unknown reason. Varkk used the teleportation technology the krewe had developed to teleport Inquest around the council chambers and was eventually killed after a fierce battle. If the Savant chose to rescue Pol, the Savant and Zojja traveled to an Inquest lab in Metrica Province and rescued Pol, who was then notified that Varkk was a traitor. However, when the Savant chose this path, Varkk most likely survived and became councillor.


Living World Season 4[edit]

The Inquest began testing the technology developed by Varkk and his krewe in certain locations such as Fahranur and Rata Primus, where they would become a crucial part of Palawa Joko's invasion of Central Tyria.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]