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Cardinal Sabir

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Cardinal Sabir, the air cardinal, is one of the four cardinal djinns who rule over Ahdashim and decide the fate of all djinn. When Qadim invaded Ahdashim, Sabir joined his forces and slew the water and fire cardinals who opposed Qadim.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]


  • Master of Air


  • Targeted.png Repulsion Field - Generates a repelling defensive barrier. Break Cardinal Sabir's defiance to interrupt its generation.
  • Violent Currents.png Violent Currents - Electrical currents surge through you, increasing incoming and outgoing damage. Stacks 5 times.
    Outgoing damage +5%
    Incoming damage +5%


Voltaic Wisp Skills

Stolen skills

Encounter related[edit]

Effects applied to players
  • Unbridled Chaos.png Electro-Repulsion - A powerfully charged force repels foes and deals continuous damage.


Primary article: Cardinal Sabir's Chest

Related achievements[edit]

Health of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance bar
Cardinal Sabir (CM) 32,442,300 ???
Cardinal Sabir 29,493,000 ???
Paralyzing Wisp ??? ???
Voltaic Wisp ??? ???
Titanic Twister


  • Gains Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged if not defeated within 9 minutes.