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Cardinal Sabir

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Cardinal Sabir, the air cardinal, is one of the four cardinal djinns who rule over Ahdashim and decide the fate of all djinn. When Qadim invaded Ahdashim, Sabir joined his forces and slew the Water and Fire Cardinals who opposed Qadim.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

For walkthrough, see: The Key of Ahdashim#Cardinal Sabir
  • Master of Air
  • Targets the player with the highest toughness
  • Stays in the center of the arena
  • Changes platforms at 80% and 60% health
  • Ion Shield.png Ion Shield - Increases outgoing damage by 3% per stack.   Reduces incoming damage by 5% per stack.   Grants immunity to vulnerability.
  • Targeted.png Repulsion Field - Generates a repelling defensive barrier. Break Cardinal Sabir's defiance to interrupt its generation.
  • Violent Currents.png Violent Currents - Electrical currents surge through you, increasing incoming and outgoing damage. Stacks 5 times. Outgoing damage +5% Incoming damage +5%
  • Mending Waters (effect).png Eye of the Storm - The center of the storm is safe from its fury.
  • Bolt Break - Sabir unleashes a series of lightning strikes that targets all foes.
    • Used right after defiance bar is broken, targets all players on main platform with a small AoE that deals damage after a few seconds
  • Chain Lightning - Cardinal Sabir channels electricity into his hands, launching chain lightning at his foes.
    • Will chain to additional players even those on far away on wisp platforms.
  • Dynamic Deterrent - Sabir unleashes a line of electricity that knocks foes back.
    • Line AoE used during the main defiance bar phases. Will create 3 of them at a time in normal mode and 5 during challenge mode.
  • Electrical Repulsion - Constant damage and push back during defiance bar phase. Can be blocked. Puts the Xera's Fury.png Electrical Repulsion on players.
  • Fury of the Storm - Powerful lightning bolts bombard those outside of the eye of the storm.
  • Storm's Edge - Cardinal Sabir swings his right-hand sword, sending out electrical projectiles in an arc.
  • Storm's Edge - Cardinal Sabir follows up his right-hand swing with a left swing, dealing damage in an arc.
  • Unbridled Tempest - An expanding wave of violent electricity that deals lethal damage.
    • Sends out a wall of wind that downs players hit by it. Need to take a tornado into the air over it, teleport past it, use invulnerability to ignore it, or otherwise use a skill that ignores lethal damage such as A.E.D. or "Rebound!".
  • Walloping Wind - Sabir summons powerful winds to blow foes away.
    • Used when phasing at 80% and 60%. Deals damage and knocks nearby players back. Can be blocked or evaded.
Voltaic Wisp skills
Paralyzing Wisp skills
  • Venomous Voltage - The voltaic wisp [sic] immobilizes foes with steady streams of paralyzing shocks from its tail.
Tornado skills
  • Shocking Barrage - Violent currents stimulate the tornado's expanding waves of charged projectiles.
    • Caused by touching a tornado with stacks of Violent Currents.png Violent Currents. Removes all stacks and sends out 4 bars of electricity across the ground that apply weakness.
Titanic Twister skills
  • Dire Drafts - Caused by touching the large red tornado, lifts you up into the air and deals massive damage until you die.
Stolen skills

Encounter related[edit]

Effects applied to players
  • Xera's Fury.png Electrical Repulsion - A powerful electrical force that repels foes and deals continuous damage. (Sabir)
  • Exposed (Statue of Darkness).png Electro-Repulsion - A powerfully charged force repels foes and deals continuous damage. (Voltaic Wisps)


Event Rewards

Related achievements[edit]

Health of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance bar
Cardinal Sabir (CM) 32,442,300 ???
Cardinal Sabir 29,493,000 15,000 / 2,500
Paralyzing Wisp ??? 600
Voltaic Wisp ??? ???
Titanic Twister


  • Cardinal Sabir has 1374 toughness.
  • Cardinal Sabir has a 240 range diameter hitbox.
  • Gains Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged if not defeated within 9 minutes.