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Update 2 - June 14, 2016[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Added objective text to the Long Arm of the Light II achievement.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a Bandit Executioner from leaving its event area.
  • Updated the glow texture for the Keep Construct.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Evasive Maneuver achievement from being awarded upon completing the requirements.
  • The Black Lion Weapons Specialist in the Black Lion vaults now sells Cavalier weapons for the price of 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket, matching the price of all other vendors.
  • Fixed a bug that applied incorrect area-of-effect damage in the Keep Construct fight.
  • Increased points per player kill (PPK) in WvW from 1 point to 2 points per kill.
  • Removed PvP League badges from nameplates in WvW.
  • Fixed a server crash.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 63,018

Update - June 14, 2016[edit]


  • The victory at Salvation Pass revealed the terrible truth of the White Mantle's return. Take the fight to the enemy and strike at their heart, deep in the Maguuma Jungle, where unknown dangers and powerful enemies lurk. All is not as it seems in the Stronghold of the Faithful, where the White Mantle's innermost secrets and dark magic fester. It's a race against time to stop the plans in motion in this high-stakes, white-knuckle conclusion to the Forsaken Thicket raid.
  • Thanks!
    Some members of the following guilds had access to the raid at some stage in development. We'd like to thank them for their time and feedback.
    • [ATT] Attuned
    • [DD] Dragons Descent
    • [EG] Ethereal Guardians
    • [KING] Immortal Kingdom
    • [NA] The Sickest Guild
    • [RAID] Immortal Raiders
    • [RtG] Rise to Glory
    • [SC] Snow Crows
  • Spirit Woods
    • Adjusted Gorseval's AI to improve its willingness to follow the player with the highest toughness.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Gorseval's Rampage pattern from properly resetting in some situations.
  • Salvation Pass
    • A ley-line gliding path will now appear after clearing all of the raid bosses, leading players to Stronghold of the Faithful.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the cage cinematic to trigger during the Matthias Gabrel encounter.

Structured Player vs. Player[edit]

World vs. World[edit]

  • The Reward Track and Participation systems are officially out of beta testing!
  • Added the Gift of Battle Item reward track and removed the vendors that previously sold gifts of battle.
  • Daily achievement chests now award Potions of WvW Rewards instead of Experience Boosters.
  • The Outnumbered effect now also grants 50% increased participation gain.
  • Added a new guild hall upgrade to the war room that unlocks a new potion at the tavern that increases WvW reward-track gain.
  • A new reward track has been added that awards the WvW Hero's weapon skins.
  • The Heart of Maguuma WvW reward track now includes Chak weapons, Auric weapons, Plated weapons, Bladed armor, and Leystone armor as an option in the Mordremoth Cache.
  • The Silverwastes WvW reward track Carapace Armor Box now contains all pieces of Carapace armor instead of just the gloves.
  • The Provisions Master now has a sixth pip that allows players to buy Heart of Thorns recipes, sigils, and runes from the Heroics Notary vendor for proofs of heroics and gold.
  • The Max Supply +5 upgrade is now the first Guild Objective Aura upgrade guilds unlock.
  • The Magic Find +20% upgrade is now the last Guild Objective Aura guilds unlock.
  • Updated the Outnumbered effect to no longer list that it grants bonus experience, as experience gain is disabled in WvW.
  • Shield Generator— Force Dome.png Force Dome: Stability duration has been reduced from 9 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug in which trebuchet conditions were allowed to scale based on player stats.
  • The WvW tick timer has been reduced from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.
    • Objective Points per Tick (PPT) has been rebalanced to support the faster ticks.
      • Camps—2 points
      • Towers—4 points
      • Keeps—8 points
      • Castle—12 points
      • This results in slightly more total war score earned from objectives.
    • Reward-track points awarded for participation have also been rebalanced to support faster ticks.
      • Tier 1—25 points
      • Tier 2—60 points
      • Tier 3—95 points
      • Tier 4—125 points
      • Tier 5—160 points
      • Tier 6—195 points
      • This results in slightly more reward-track points earned.

Eternal Battlegrounds[edit]

  • Klovan Gully: Fixed a display bug in which the blue "Defend Klovan Gully" event would list an additional event objective.

Alpine Borderlands[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented hero challenges from displaying or functioning correctly.
  • Tower Northeast: Fixed a bug that prevented the tower lord's health from scaling properly.

Desert Borderlands[edit]

  • Fixed a bug with the teleporter on the dunes above the Fire Keep.
  • Fixed a bug with automatic blessing at the east Earth Shrine.
  • Fixed a bug with a jump pad on the north side of the Air Keep.
  • Fixed a bug with a floating mortar in the Air Keep.

Obsidian Sanctum[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in which players were no longer given immunity while standing at their starting location.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause Mai Trin to teleport to walls.
  • Fixed an issue in which, once selected, the guild music themes "The Music of the Barren Heights" and "The Music of the Golden Chambers" did not play upon reentry to the guild hall. Once a guild in Lost Precipice has selected the theme "The Music of the Barren Heights," the song will now consistently play first upon entry to the guild hall and then cycle through the songs belonging to its theme set. Once a guild in Gilded Hollow has selected the theme "The Music of the Golden Chambers," the song will now consistently play upon first entry to the guild hall and then cycle through the songs belonging to its theme set.
  • Added Amalgamated Gemstones as a choice on the Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths, and Dragon's Stand: Hero's Choice Chests.
  • Unrest is spreading in Kryta.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

New Items and Promotions[edit]

  • A new Phoenix Glider is available for a very limited time in the Style category of the Gem Store for 500 gems.
  • The Heroes Dye Pack includes one of each of the following dye kits: Taimi's, Glint's, Lion's Arch Survivors, Lion's Arch Rebuild, and Lion's Arch Commemorative. This can be found in the Style category of the Gem Store for 500 gems.
  • The new Privateer weapon set is now available at Black Lion Weapons Specialists for 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket. Unlike previous weapon sets, these are account bound and cannot be traded once purchased.
  • Crystallized Magic no longer drops from Black Lion Chests. Contracts have returned to normal drop rates.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]