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Cardinal Adina

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Cardinal Adina

Cardinal Adina, the earth cardinal, is one of the four cardinal djinns who rule over Ahdashim and decide the fate of all djinn. When Qadim invaded Ahdashim, Adina joined his forces and slew the Water and Fire Cardinals who opposed Qadim.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

For walkthrough, see: The Key of Ahdashim#Cardinal Adina
  • Master of Earth
  • Targets the player with the highest toughness
  • Captain's Inspiration.png Pillar Pandemonium - Damaged pillars are empowering this creature. Outgoing damage is increased by 20% per stack. Incoming damage is reduced by 20% per stack.
  • Persistently Blinded.png Radiant Blindness - All outgoing attacks are rendered useless.
  • Boulder Barrage - Bombards random foes with boulders that can be blocked by pillars. Boulders will damage the pillars and down players with Radiant Blindness and bleeding.
  • Diamond Palisade - Adina turns her skin into diamond, reflecting projectiles and applying boons to herself. After two seconds, her skin will cast Radiant Blindness to those who are not facing away.
  • Perilous Pulse - Creates a tremor that knocks out foes and destroys raised pillars within its area of effect.
  • Quantum Quake - Adina channels deadly earth beams and scatters them around the arena.
  • Sand Geyser - A geyser of sand launches foes into the air and blinds them.
  • Seismic Suffering - Seismic activity that damages foes.
  • Stalagmites - Adina conjures stalagmites that cannot be evaded or blocked. They will detonate if anyone gets close, inflicting heavy damage and destroying the underlying pillar.
  • Stone Fist - Adina hurls forth a damaging cascade of stone and applies might to herself.
  • Tectonic Upheaval - Adina raises a pillar that kills nearby foes and sends out a shock wave that cripples and immobilizes those who don't jump over it.
  • Terraform - Adina sends out a shock wave that transforms the arena into a new shape.
Stolen skills


Related achievements[edit]

Health of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health
Cardinal Adina (CM) 24,872,430
Cardinal Adina 22,611,300
Hand of Erosion 448,200
Hand of Eruption 448,200


  • Cardinal Adina has 1374 toughness.
  • Cardinal Adina has a 160 range diameter hitbox.
  • Gains Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged if not killed within 8 minutes.
  • Defeating Cardinal Adina counts towards Djinn Bottler.