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Mortals. You believe yourselves saviors, naturally. You seek to write the conclusion of your legend. There is no conclusion more natural than death.


Dhuum is the former God of Death who was usurped and imprisoned by Grenth with the help of the Seven Reapers. He serves as the final boss of the Hall of Chains raid.


Early years[edit]

The Hall of Judgment which serves as Dhuum's prison.

Dhuum is the previous God of Death, claimed to be the immortal embodiment of death itself. He was a cruel god who consumed the souls of the dead, preventing resurrection and undeath, and hunted down those who had escaped death with the promise of "death undeniable". He ruled from his tower in the Underworld.

Around 48 BE,[1] Grenth, the Tyrian-born half-god son of the goddess Dwayna, challenged Dhuum with the help of seven mortals and ultimately defeated him in the ossuary of the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance in Orr. Dhuum's tower in the Underworld was shattered, creating the Chaos Planes.[2] His power was transferred to Grenth who sealed the fallen god within the Underworld's Hall of Judgment behind enchanted doors and layers of divine magic as the new God of Death was unable to destroy Dhuum.[3] The real reason for the sealing would remain elusive to scholars, however.[4] The mortals who aided Grenth were rewarded and became known as the Seven Reapers, and would supervise portions of the Underworld under Grenth's rule.[5]

While imprisoned, Dhuum continued to devour the souls of those killed in the Underworld, slowly rebuilding his strength. In the late eleventh century AE, Dhuum's forces allied with Abaddon's and Menzies's, allowing them to launch an assault on the Underworld, imprison the Seven Reapers and take control of large portions of the realm. In addition to this, one of Dhuum's generals, The Fury, sent an army of titans through the Door of Komalie in the Ring of Fire when it was opened, as well as launched an assault on Dragon Festival in Cantha in 1072 AE before ultimately joining in bringing about Nightfall in Elona in 1075 AE.

After centuries of devouring souls, Dhuum was finally able to accumulate enough power to break free of his bonds, but mortals aided by the Seven Reapers were able to perform a ritual to return Dhuum to his dormant state. However, this new imprisonment was temporary, and Dhuum was continuously breaking free of the bonds the Reapers were imprisoning him in.

Hall of Chains[edit]

Desmina watches Dhuum being imprisoned.

After Grenth's departure from the Underworld, Dhuum managed to reverse the seal placed on him and forced the River of Souls to be redirected and feed himself directly, further strengthening himself. Following this, he corrupted much of the Underworld, twisting some of Grenth's own servants to his cause. In doing this, Dhuum planned to invade Tyria and bring about the annihilation of humanity.[6]

Dhuum's efforts had been slowed by the spirits of the Ice Wastes, led by Desmina, Grenth's first priestess. In 1330 AE, Dhuum's skeletal minions appeared in Tyria and slaughtered any of Grenth's necromancer followers who had heard Desmina's call for aid and had been investigating Godslost Swamp and Reaper's Gate; the two locations being known places of power closely tied to the Underworld. A few Tyrian necromancers successfully crossed over to the Underworld, but they were swiftly eliminated by Dhuum's minions.

It took the combined efforts of Desmina, the Seven Reapers, and a group of mortal raiders to fight through Dhuum's minions, eventually reaching the former god's throne deep within the Hall of Judgment. Dhuum fought the mortal raiders himself while the Reapers prepared their spells. As Dhuum fought, he unleashed his minions on the Reapers to stop them. The Reapers perished in later stages of the battle but whether it was because of Dhuum's attack or Desmina or someone else's meddling remains unknown.[6][7]

Despite the Reapers' demise, the battle for Tyria turned in the raiders' favor when they assisted Desmina with continuing the ritual in the Reapers' place. Dhuum was defeated once more in the end, and his essence left the dark armor he had been inhabiting as he was sealed within a more powerful prison than the ones that had contained him before, this time seemingly for good.



Combat abilities[edit]

For walkthrough, see: Hall of Chains#The Voice in the Void
  • The Ender of All
  • Targets the player with the highest toughness.

DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Arcing Affliction - Arcing damage from a nearby ally.
  • Cataclysmic Cycle - Dhuum pulls foes toward him, consuming them if they fail to escape.
  • Cull - Dhuum creates a rippling fracture in the ground, erupting after a short time.
  • Death Mark - Dhuum slams his scythe on the ground, creating a soul-shattering explosion and leaving a deadly ring of Dhuumfire. Targets hit by the initial blast will have their souls ripped from their bodies. Failure to reunite body and soul means death.
  • Greater Death Mark - Dhuum slams his scythe on the ground, creating a soul-shattering explosion after which he pulls targets toward him. Targets hit by the initial attack will have their souls ripped out of their bodies. Failure to reunite body and soul means death.
  • Deathly Aura - Dhuum's mere presence saps your will to live.
  • Putrid Bomb - A vile, poisonous explosion.
  • Scythe Swing - ...
  • Slash - Dhuum calls forth deadly claws that pull foes toward him.
  • Soul Shackle - Dhuum links two targets, causing their souls to merge and destroy each other if they're in close proximity.
  • Soul Siphon - The River of Souls drains the life essence of all living beings who set foot in its stream.
Dhuum's Enforcer Skills
Deathling Skills
  • Bite - Slashes foes.
Stolen skills


Event Rewards


Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance Bar
Dhuum (CM) 40,000,000
Dhuum 32,000,000
Ender's Echo (CM) 18,973,828 2,000
Reaper (friendly) 3,145,920
Dhuum's Enforcer 1,892,880
Dhuum's Messenger 63,096
Deathling 53,388

Related achievements[edit]


  • Dhuum has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Dhuum has a 400 range diameter hitbox, which is slightly smaller than the medium training golem. His hitbox size does not change in the 10% phase.


  • Dhuum is voiced by Keston John.[8]
  • Dhuum has his own leitmotif, called "Dhuum's Theme", which was composed by Maclaine Diemer.
  • Dhuum's control over the River of Souls implies that the fate of many characters who died in Guild Wars 2, allied or foe, ended with their souls devoured by Dhuum or his minions.
  • Dhuum's appearance in Guild Wars 2 is significantly different from his Guild Wars depiction. The final model for Dhuum was created by Creature Artist Samantha Rogers who used ideas from early concepts by Tsveta Komaticheva and Kott Skripalshikov. Dhuum's scythe was made by Brian Trochim.[9]
  • In Guild Wars 2, Dhuum does not refer to himself in the third person or speak in capital letters most of the time like he did in Guild Wars; he only speaks in capital letters once during the Hall of Chains encounter when he is down to 10% health. It was a compromise which the raid team, who were of different minds about how to approach Dhuum's dialogue, settled into as an homage to Dhuum's original Guild Wars encounter.[10]
  • No surviving statues of Dhuum have been found anywhere on Tyria.
    • This means that a crafted trophy of Dhuum would be the first standing "statue" of Dhuum in the history of Guild Wars.
  • Dhuum's pensive pose on his throne bears a resemblance to a similar pose by Death Bringer, the true final boss from some versions of Golden Axe.
  • Dhuum is also referred to as:
    • Death Inevitable
    • Emperor of Oblivion
    • Master of Nothingness
    • Omega Death
    • The Ender of All
    • The Final Death
    • The Final Judge
    • The Mouth at the Edge of Darkness
    • The Voice in the Void

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    <Character name>: Why does he continue to wake? Is a little sleepwalking really that harmful?
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