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Call of the Mists (raid effect)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the raid effect. For the structured PvP effect, see Call of the Mists.

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Call of the Mists

Effect type
Promotional Effect
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Gold and experience rewards from boss encounters are doubled. Rotates between past instances every week.

— In-game description

Call of the Mists is an effect that doubles the amount of gold and experience gained from raid boss kills, rotating every week between raid wings in order of release date.

Active Wing[edit]

The raid benefiting from this effect is marked with a white diamond 'up arrow' icon above its portal in the Lion's Arch Aerodrome.

Icon denoting that Call of the Mists is active.

Call of the Mists Schedule[edit]

Raid Next up
Spirit Vale August 12, 2024 08:30 UTC+00:00
Salvation Pass August 19, 2024 08:30 UTC+00:00
Stronghold of the Faithful August 26, 2024 08:30 UTC+00:00
Bastion of the Penitent Call of the Mists portal icon.png Active
Hall of Chains July 22, 2024 08:30 UTC+00:00
Mythwright Gambit July 29, 2024 08:30 UTC+00:00
The Key of Ahdashim August 5, 2024 08:30 UTC+00:00

The effect rotates among the raids every week on Monday 08:30, effectively changing one hour after raid rewards reset.
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  • The original description was "Gold and experience rewards from boss encounters is doubled. Always active in the most current raid instance, and rotates between past instances every two weeks."

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