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Armor of Dhuum

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Armor of Dhuum is a group of partial armor sets that can be obtained as drops from Dhuum in Hall of Chains raid. The sets are missing the Chest and Leggings pieces.



Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Shako of Dhuum.png Skullcap of Dhuum Shako of Dhuum.png Shako of Dhuum Shako of Dhuum.png Helm of Dhuum
Shoulders Pauldrons of Dhuum.png Mantle of Dhuum Pauldrons of Dhuum.png Shoulderguards of Dhuum Pauldrons of Dhuum.png Pauldrons of Dhuum
Gloves Gauntlets of Dhuum.png Gloves of Dhuum Gauntlets of Dhuum.png Handguards of Dhuum Gauntlets of Dhuum.png Gauntlets of Dhuum
Boots Slippers of Dhuum.png Slippers of Dhuum Slippers of Dhuum.png Boots of Dhuum Slippers of Dhuum.png Greaves of Dhuum

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Skin preview codes
Armor class Headgear Shoulders Chest Gloves Leggings Boots