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Ineffable weapon reuse the tier 1 and 2 cultural weapon sets, as well as the basic and Orrian sets.

Skin set Craftable Lootable
Basic weapons 1Yes 1Yes
Aureate weapons 0No 1Yes
Flame weapons 1Yes 1Yes
Glyphic weapons 1Yes 1Yes
Krytan weapons 0No 1Yes
Norn weapons 1Yes 1Yes
Orrian weapons 0No 1Yes
Shiverpeak weapons 1Yes 1Yes
Steam weapons 1Yes 1Yes
Verdant weapons 0No 1Yes

Name to skin xref[edit]

Ineffable weapons use a unique name for each skin.

Basic weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Handspar Axe Axe
Li'l Letter Opener Dagger Dagger
Tally Reckoner Focus Focus
Great Fullsword Greatsword Greatsword
Seeger's Union Hammer Hammer
Blind Ed's Longbow LongBow Longbow
Waring's Regulator Mace Mace
Rhedo's Revenge Pistol Pistol
Poacher's Shot Rifle Rifle
Weftwand Scepter Scepter
Improvised Bulwark Shield Shield
Sparrowcatcher ShortBow Short Bow
Supplejack Staff Staff
Moa Carver Sword Sword
Processional Flame Torch Torch
Ram's Sigh Warhorn Warhorn

Aureate weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Dolorous Axe Axe Aureate Axe
Cherub's Claw Dagger Aureate Dirk
Steelcharm Focus Aureate Charm
Centaur's Doom Greatsword Aureate Highlander Greatsword
Shieldbreaker Hammer Aureate Warhammer
Ulix's Stoutbow LongBow Aureate Longbow
Balt's Pillar Mace Aureate Mace
Dutiful Armament Pistol Aureate Pistol
Duma's Musket Rifle Aureate Musket
Chorister's Virge Scepter Aureate Virge
Sacred Circle Shield Aureate Targe
Artem's Needler ShortBow Aureate Short Bow
Croisier Guardant Staff Aureate Staff
Ayala's Rinblade Sword Aureate Rinblade
Lambent Sconce Torch Aureate Sconce
Orison of Salma Warhorn Aureate Warhorn

Flame weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Cauterizer Axe Flame Cleaver
Razor Shard Dagger Flame Dagger
Hand Furnace Focus Flame Focus
Fury Unleashed Greatsword Flame Greatsword
Thermaul Hammer Flame Crusher
Big Grin LongBow Flame Bow
Forge Gavel Mace Flame Mace
Glaukon's Greeting Pistol Flame Pistol
Gritted Bayonet Rifle Flame Rifle
Smodur's Charge Scepter Flame Scepter
Chiminea Ward Shield Flame Guard
Little Smirk ShortBow Flame Short Bow
Radiance (weapon) Staff Flame Staff
Distemper Sword Flame Blade
Titan's Brand Torch Flame Carrier
Bellower Warhorn Flame Warhorn

Glyphic weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Tarnished Hewer Axe Glyphic Axe
Forkfang Dagger Glyphic Handblade
Nucleus Focus Glyphic Icon
Vein Breaker Greatsword Glyphic Longblade
Pulse Hammer Hammer Glyphic Maul
Housebreaker LongBow Glyphic Longbow
Slate-Bound Star Mace Glyphic Mace
Gravelgun Pistol Glyphic Pistol
Rock Carbine Rifle Glyphic Rifle
Runerod Scepter Glyphic Scepter
Immutabilis Shield Glyphic Ward
Boltcaster ShortBow Glyphic Short Bow
Discharging Pole Staff Glyphic Staff
Tuneblade Sword Glyphic Edge
Phosphor Brand Torch Glyphic Brand
Cragvox Warhorn Glyphic Horn

Krytan weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Disputation Axe Krytan Axe
Discretion Dagger Krytan Dagger
Kessene Wreath Focus Krytan Focus
Royal Barber Greatsword Krytan Greatsword
Redeye Maul Hammer Krytan Warhammer
Queen's Retort LongBow Krytan Bow
Flangeflare Mace Krytan Mace
Obedience Pistol Krytan Pistol
Cannon Law Rifle Krytan Rifle
Majestic Hand Scepter Krytan Scepter
Pride of Arms Shield Krytan Shield
Prince's Praise ShortBow Krytan Short Bow
Concordance Staff Krytan Staff
Dignity Sword Krytan Sword
Hue Torch Krytan Torch
Cry Warhorn Krytan Warhorn

Norn weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Woundwolf Axe Norn Axe
Teardrawer Dagger Norn Dagger
Spiritcatcher Focus Norn Focus
Woundfire Greatsword Norn Greatsword
Barrowbuilder Hammer Norn Warhammer
Gunnarsong LongBow Norn Bow
Dreadbell Mace Norn Mace
Barking Dog Pistol Norn Pistol
Barking Wolf Rifle Norn Rifle
Wiseclaw Scepter Norn Scepter
Swordshame Shield Norn Shield
Ravengift ShortBow Norn Short Bow
Speakerpride Staff Norn Staff
Warleek Sword Norn Blade
Hearthfriend Torch Norn Torch
Wayfinder Warhorn Norn Warhorn

Orrian weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Barnacle Scraper Axe Orrian Axe
Darkdevoted Kris Dagger Orrian Dagger
Rota Misfortuna Focus Orrian Focus
Architeuthis Greatsword Orrian Longsword
Sorrowmaker Hammer Orrian Smasher
Short-Tailed Shot LongBow Orrian Bow
Crowncrusher Mace Orrian Mace
Weatherwrack Pistol Orrian Pistol
Crack o' Red Dawn Rifle Orrian Rifle
Ominous Egg Scepter Orrian Scepter
Shell of Secrets Shield Orrian Shield
Spitespewer ShortBow Orrian Short Bow
Returner's Gaff Staff Orrian Staff
Mournsword Sword Orrian Sabre
Lantern of the Lost Torch Orrian Torch
Eerie Conch Warhorn Orrian Warhorn

Shiverpeak weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Francisca Axe Shiverpeak Hatchet
Scramasax Dagger Shiverpeak Dirk
Stagsign Focus Shiverpeak Talisman
Oxenblade Greatsword Zweihänder
Great Sledge Hammer Shiverpeak Maul
Elkslayer LongBow Shiverpeak Bow
Eye of Astrix Mace Shiverpeak Club
Griffoncrack Pistol Shiverpeak Handcannon
Thunderbluss Rifle Shiverpeak Arquebus
Yew Rod Scepter Shiverpeak Wand
Dun Targe Shield Shiverpeak Shield
Deerchaser ShortBow Shiverpeak Short Bow
Eagle's Perch Staff Shiverpeak Staff
Leopard's Bite Sword Einhänder
Honor of Njal Torch Shiverpeak Beacon
Skaaldsinger Warhorn Shiverpeak Warhorn

Steam weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Grawlgrinder Axe Steam Axe
Serrated Fate Dagger Steam Dagger
Bent Circuit Focus Steam Gizmo
Problem Solver Greatsword Great Steamblade
Steamsmash Hammer Steam Hammer
Chromecurve LongBow Steam Bow
War Auger Mace Steam Mace
Boregun Pistol Steam Pistol
Bombard Rifle Steam Rifle
Gladium Prod Scepter Steam Scepter
Geared Maw Shield Steam Shield
Pulleybow ShortBow Steam Short Bow
Impulse Spire Staff Steam Staff
Chainblade Sword Steamblade
Legion's Light Torch Steam Brand
Charr Alarm Clock Warhorn Steamcaller

Verdant weapons[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Dendritic Avenger Axe Verdant Axe
Topiary Knife Dagger Verdant Dagger
Primal Cultivar Focus Verdant Focus
Verteth Edge Greatsword Verdant Greatsword
Thundering Rhizome Hammer Verdant Warhammer
Papillon LongBow Verdant Bow
Tendril of Terror Mace Verdant Mace
Bloomboom Pistol Verdant Pistol
Chloroblaster Rifle Verdant Rifle
Sacred Xylem Scepter Verdant Scepter
Wyldwyng Shield Verdant Shield
Thornthrower ShortBow Verdant Short Bow
Branch of Oneiru Staff Verdant Staff
Manbiter Sword Verdant Blade
Melitta's Bloom Torch Verdant Torch
Dawn Chorus Warhorn Verdant Warhorn

Loot containers[edit]

Versions that drop as loot appear to be containers that function like ascended recipes, i.e. when you open it you can select from a list. [1]

The containers are identifiable by the following description:

A mysteriously light and well-balanced weapon that seems malleable to your wishes. Double-click to choose what form it should take.

— Ineffable container description

Each container has multiple entries in the API with varying rarities, but all of them have level 0. This basically means that I have next to no data on these items.

The received weapons, however, show up just fine. They all have a required level 3 levels lower than the stats. They can have the following prefixes - fine versions have single-attribute prefixes, masterwork and rare have dual-attribute, and exotic have triple. The double and triple prefixes are new and exclusive to these weapons.

Basic and exotic skins are available in all of the relevant prefixes (except Healing at level 3). Masterwork and rare skins (except Orrian) are only available in 2 of the dual-attribute prefixes, not all 3.

Prefix Stats
Power.png Power
Toughness.png Toughness
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
Healing Power.png Healing Power
Power.png Power
Toughness.png Toughness
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
Toughness.png Toughness
Healing Power.png Healing Power
Toughness.png Toughness
Power.png Power
Toughness.png Toughness
Healing Power.png Healing Power
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
Toughness.png Toughness
Healing Power.png Healing Power
Level Rarity One-handed Two-handed
Major Minor Major Minor
3 Fine 6 12
8 Fine 8 16
13 Fine 10 20
14 Masterwork 12 8 23 17
18 Fine 12 25
20 Masterwork 15 11 30 21
23 Masterwork 17 12 34 24
26 Masterwork 19 14 38 27
29 Masterwork 21 15 42 30
31 Masterwork 23 16 45 32
34 Masterwork 25 18 50 36
36 Rare 29 21 58 42
37 Masterwork 28 20 55 39
39 Rare 32 23 64 46
44 Rare 37 26 74 53
51 Rare 44 32 89 63
55 Rare 49 35 98 70
59 Exotic 61 44 123 88
60 Rare 55 39 110 79
62 Exotic 66 47 131 94
65 Exotic 70 50 140 100
68 Exotic 75 53 150 107
71 Exotic 79 57 159 114
Rarity Skins
Fine Basic
Masterwork Glyphic, Krytan, Shiverpeak, Steam
Rare Glyphic, Krytan, Orrian, Shiverpeak, Steam
Exotic Aureate, Flame, Norn, Orrian, Verdant

Prefixes for masterwork/rare skins

Skin Prefixes
Deserter, Vagabond
Survivor, Vagabond

Discovered variants per skin

Prefix Sept 22 Sept 29 Oct 8
Healing 2.47 2.69 2.875
Malign 3.5 3.625 3.875
Resilient 3.81 3.875 3.875
Mighty 4 4 4
Survivor 5.2 6.16 6.7
Deserter 5.44 6.15 6.96
Vagabond 8.63 9.24 9.64
Apostate 2 2.48 2.98
Forsaken 3.45 3.88 4.05

The statistics of discovered variants show a heavy preference for the prefixes that include Power (Mighty, Vagabond, Forsaken) over others.

Handcrafted weapons[edit]

Crafted versions use "Ineffable" inscriptions/insignia, so maybe we should use "Ineffable weapons/armor" for the whole shebang. The output items are actual weapons with selectable stats, and they are almost 100% represented in the API already.

The crafted versions use the Basic, Glyphic, Steam, Flame, Shiverpeak, and Norn skin sets. Each level uses a specific skin set, and some of the sets repeat at multiple levels.

All Handcrafted weapons are exotic and have a required level that is 6 levels below their stats. Verified using weapon strength of the level 60/65/68 weapons, level 51 looks like it would match level 57 (but we don't know "real" stats for 57), so it makes sense that they all go this way.

Prefixes available for selection are: Apothecary / Assassin / Berserker / Carrion / Cleric / Knight / Rampager / Valkyrie

Stats and skins summary[edit]

Level Skin set One-handed Two-handed
Major Minor Major Minor
18 Basic 18 13 35 25
26 Steam 27 19 53 38
37 Glyphic 37 27 75 54
44 Shiverpeak 46 33 91 65
51 Steam 55 39 109 78
60 Glyphic 67 48 134 96
65 Norn 75 53 150 107
68 Flame 79 57 159 114

Recipe summary[edit]

Level Rating Material tier Ecto Inscription
Insc 1H 2H
18 350 Steel/Seasoned 1 5 10 Ineffable Seasoned Inscription
26 375 Darksteel/Hard 2 8 12 Ineffable Hard Inscription
37 375 Darksteel/Hard 2 10 15 Ineffable Darksteel Plated Inscription
44 400 Mithril/Elder 3 10 20 Ineffable Elder Inscription
51 400 Mithril/Elder 3 12 20 Ineffable Mithril Plated Inscription
60 400 Mithril/Elder 3 15 20 Ineffable Mithril Imbued Inscription
65 425 Orichalcum/Ancient 5 20 25 Ineffable Orichalcum Plated Inscription
68 425 Orichalcum/Ancient 5 30 50 Ineffable Orichalcum Imbued Inscription

Link lists[edit]


Name Reference  ?
Architeuthis genus name of w:giant squid 1Yes
Ayala's Rinblade gw1:Arthur Ayala (sells a gw1:Rinblade) 1Yes
Balt's Pillar gw1:Balt Duskstrider ??
Blind Ed's Longbow w:Eddie Timanus, first blind Jeopardy! contestant ??
Chiminea Ward w:chimenea "a freestanding front-loading fireplace or oven with a bulbous body" 1Yes
Cry / Hue w:Hue and cry 1Yes
Francisca w:francisca "a throwing axe used as a weapon during the Early Middle Ages by the Franks" 1Yes
Gunnarsong gw1:Gunnar Poundfist 1Yes
Honor of Njal w:Njáll Þorgeirsson ??
Immutabilis Latin "immutable" 1Yes
Kessene Wreath demonym of Kessex (Krytan Focus skin, makes sense) 1Yes
Melitta's Bloom w:Melitta (genus) a genus of bees 1Yes
Orison of Salma gw1:Salma 1Yes
Papillon French "butterfly" 1Yes
Rhedo's Revenge Rhedosaurus scientific name of title monster in w:The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
Rota Misfortuna opposite of w:Rota Fortunae aka Wheel of Fortune 1Yes
Sacred Xylem w:xylem "one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants" 1Yes
Scramasax w:seax 1Yes
Seeger's Union w:Pete Seeger, strong supporter of labor unions, song w:If I Had a Hammer 1Yes
Skaaldsinger Skaald 1Yes
Smodur's Charge Smodur the Unflinching 1Yes
Thundering Rhizome w:rhizome "modified subterranean stem of a plant" 1Yes
Titan's Brand gw1:Titan 1Yes
Waring's Regulator Waring Corporation, "global leader in premium kitchen electronics" ??


  • All Krytan-skin items use a different file ID than the Krytan skins themselves, but the icons are identical.